TS2 Hacks
last new content on 04 April 2009

No autonomous clearing dishes while seated

Sims will no longer turn into an army of chair-squeaking obsessive dishwashing drones when they've finished eating at the table. They will only clean dishes on their own when they've left the table. You can still direct them to wash dishes while they're seated.

OFB or later recommended. This will conflict with a hack affecting dish-washing autonomy.

Research Fixes

Require Uni expansion pack. Only install one of the following two hacks as they will obviously conflict if used together.

Research Fix - One Rate of Fun Drain

Obviously this only works on college lots. Visiting young adults will not initiate research. They can however join your research or be asked to join as usual. There are more checks before picking a book from the shelf so that they don't begin research if their motives are likely to run into trouble during research. With any young adult doing research, if their Fun motive drops to 25% or lower, or their mood drops to 50% (right between green and red) they will put their book back.

In addition, bigger groups will get more points towards their grade than they did before.

Research Fix - Bigger Group Less Fun Drain

Same as above, however with the addition that larger groups won't lose Fun motive quite as quickly as smaller groups.

No-autonomy bookcases

Experimental hack for reducing book clutter in dorms. Sims (especially non-controlled residents) will now only use the bookcase when they are directed to by the player, or when they are asked to join a research session.

This is an older hack which has only been tested for Uni. It may conflict with the Research hacks above.

Slower skill gains

These hacks will change the base amount of time it takes for a Sim to learn skills. Please consult the enclosed readme for the percentage increases for each level.

Do not use more than one of the skill gain hacks at a time. Again, these hacks may now be out of date as they were created back when Uni was out.

Hack 1 - Strongly affects higher skill levels
Hack 2 - Tends to double skill time for later levels
Hack 3 - Doubles time for later levels, triples time for last level
Hack 4 - High levels not affected as much as lower levels
Hack 5 - Favours mid-range levels
Hack 6 - Favours low levels, higher levels take much longer

Fast skill gains

This hack makes all levels take the same time as the first, making it very easy to maximise skills.

Fast skills

Installation instructions
Extract the package files to your My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads\ folder, or a subfolder if preferred.