Tolstoy is a an inhospitable world with a thick, noxious
atmosphere and high gravity.  It is situated just outside the Federation 
border and first contact was made late in the 24th century.  The planet's 
surface is mostly covered in dense forests which becomes ever more thicker 
towards the planets equator where it reaches such extremes that it becomes 
completely uninhabitable.
        Tolstoy sustains a huge diversity of life of all forms, from 
microscopic bacteriums to the intelligent humanoid inhabitants.  Only the 
hardiest of species are able to survive on tolstoy, current research 
suggests that any humanoid not properly vaccinated will contract a fatal 
illness within five minutes of arriving on the planet and will be dead 
within an hour and a half.

        Tolstoyans are impressive in stature, averaging seven feet 
tall and are very heavily built.  Physiologically they are very 
similar to humans, they appear to be physically identical and could 
easily be mistaken as a big human.  
        There are however a number of differances, for example,  
Tolstoyans have two hearts, their primary heart is located in their chest
cavity in the same way as most humanoids.  They also however have a
seconary heart, located in their abdomen, this is dormant most of the time
but when a Tolstoyan exerts himself this second heart acts as a kind of
biological 'turbo charger' which increases their performance significantly.
        Another notable differance is that Tolstoyans have an amazingly 
effective immune system. Due to the very high concentrations of bacteria 
and toxins in Tolstoy's atmosphere the people have developed a immune 
system which is capable of eliminating a huge diversity of harmful 
substances such as poisons as well as viruses and infections.

                          Culture and Traditions

        In the Tolstoyan society, a womans duty is to care for their 
menfolk and children and daughters are assinged to this role as soon as 
the mothers deems them old enough.  As much as it may seem, this is not a
subordinate role and women are viewed as equal to men in all aspects.
        For a boy child, things are not so simple, their childhood is 
spent training for their transgression into manhood.  Before a boy is 
considered an adult he must undergo a trial of passage, this can take 
one of three forms, a trial by earth, water or fire.  A boy may choose
to undergo his trial whenever he feels ready to transgress to manhood,
usually this will be between the ages of twelve and sixteen.  Each 
trial leads onto a differant path on which the man will spend the rest
of his life.

        If a boy passes a trial by earth, he will take a career which 
is linked to the earth or to building, such as farming or carpentry.
This is the most common trial for a boy to choose, and the trial is 
mostly biased towards strength of the body.
        Trial by water permits a boy to walk the path of the artist or
the scientist, this is a harder trial which focuses upon strength of 
the mind and the reward is great, a boy who has passed this trial will
be greatly respected by the people of his settlement.
        A boy who chooses the trial by fire chooses the most hazardous
passage, the trial requires great strength of both mind and body.  A
man who walks the path of the warrior is respected above all others 
and will be mentored by the settlement's elders into the intricacies of 
combat.  All Toystoyans can fight and if a settlement comes under attack 
the women and children too will take up arms to defend their homes and
honour, but only a boy who has passed the trial of fire will be given 
full insight into the art of warfare, and will be called warrior.
To fail this trial is the greatest shame imaginable, and it is 
normal for such individuals to abandon their settlement and seek solitude
in the wilds.

        The Language of the Tolstoyans is not a pleasant one to listen to, 
it is harsh, gutteral and highly expressive and much of it is spoken in a 
raised voive with plenty of exclamation marks and vibrant gesturing.

Written, concieved and completely fabricated by;
                                Allan Maclennan

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