The Frontier is a one-off craft, a heavily modified and largely 
experimental Thunderbolt corvette chassis.  In light of the mysterious 
disappearance of ships in Kzinti space it was necessary to send a 
ship which was both discreet and powerful beyond the Federation's 
border and into Kzinti territory.  Numerous prototype systems were 
incorporated into the ship as it was believed a dangerous mission 
would be the best field test.  The ship features upgraded crew 
facilities including a holodeck and off-duty lounge.  To accomodate a 
longer anticipated mission length, the ship was adapted to sustain its
occupants by way of vastly increased cargo space.  Finally, in light 
of other information, a shuttle bay was added.


FRONTIER specifications

Displacement:   20000 metric tons

Length:         105.49 m
Beam:            61.85 m
Draft:           13.85 m

Crew Complement:  30 (max 40)
Decks:             4
Turbolifts:        1 system and car

Transporters:      1 Personnel 

Propulsion:     Two (2) ILN-67-DSX Warp Drive Units
                One (1) CLAS Impluse Drive Unit (w/ space/time driver)
                TRMS Reaction Control System

Velocity:       Warp 8.000 Standard Cruise
                Warp 9.750 Maximum Cruise
                Warp 9.986 Maximum Sustainable Speed (10 Hours)
                Warp 9.990 Warp Core Failure

Phasers:                Four (4) Mk. XI Pulsed Phasers
                                Mounted Port/starboard dorsal
                                        Port/starboard ventral
                                360 Multiple Targeting System
                                At least 2 banks all facings

Photon Torpedoes:       2 tubes MK. XXX Quantum Seeking/Direct

Other weaponry:         Quantum Plasma Diffuser (very dodgy)
                        Twin variable-intensity tractor beams
                        (slightly dodgy)
                        Dilithium resonator bolt-torpedoes (seem to 
                        work okay so far)

Shuttles:               Three Type-8 Shuttles: Phobia, Mania, Paranoia

Deck   Main Features 
 1      Bridge, Ready Room, Conference Room, Main Impulse Engines 
 2      Crew Quarters, Sick Bay, Transporters, Docking Clamp, Shuttle
        Bay (upper), Holodeck 1, 2-Backward crew lounge
 3      Main Engineering, Deuterium Fuel Storage, Shuttle Bay (lower), 
 4      Antimatter Storage Pods, Cargo Bays 1-3

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