Roster for FRONTIER (last update SD 80506 by Allan)

Chain of Command

                                 W. Ramsay
                               First Officer
                                J. Houston
                              Command Personnel                           
                     |           |         |          |      
                   Couns        2O        Nav        Ops      
                  K'Ich Pa  A. Murray  L. Smythe  J. Calidan
                             Departmental Heads                           
                 |            |             |             |
              Tac/CSO        CEO          CSciO          CMO
             A. Murray     K. Maren     K. Terulus     N. Sykes
             Leana D.      N. Festore   Cralk          R. Sampter
             P. Simony     McVyker                  
             L. Priestly   D. Ferrost                  
             G. Idaho      Kzark                     
                           G. Fieve
                           Lukas I.                                       

Primary Characters

Rank    Name             Position     Sex/Race             Player
Captain William Ramsay   CO           M/human              Sam
Cmdr    Caroline Ramsay  XO(rod)      F/human              Sam
Lt.Cmdr Joanna Houston   XO(a)        F/android            Sam
Lt.     Angus Murray     Tac/CSO/2O(a)M/human              Allan
Lt.     Keanu Maren      CEO          M/Trill              Dale

Secondary Characters

Rank    Name             Position     Sex/Race             Player
Lt.     Neil Festore     EO           M/human              Sam
Lt.     Neil Sykes       CMO          M/human              Sam
Lt(jg). Ruth Sampter     MO           F/Betazoid           Sam
Lt(jg). Patrick Simony   Tac/SO       M/Tolstoyan          Allan
Lt(jg). Leana DeLias     Tac/SO       F/Bajoran            Allan


Rank    Name             Position     Sex/Race             Player
Lt.     McVyker          EO           F/Unknown            Sam
Ens.    Cralk            SciO         M/Bolian             Sam
Ens.    Lynne Smythe     FCO          F/human              Sam
Ens.    David Ferrost    EO           M/human              Sam
Ens.    Graim Fieve      EO           M/Betazoid:Vulcan    Sam
Ens.    Lukas Iaens      EO           M/Bajoran            Sam
Lt.Cmdr K'Ich Pa         Couns        F/Klingon            Allan
Lt(jg). Kesrick Terulus  CSciO        M/Haalian            Allan
Ens.    Louise Priestly  SO           F/human              Allan
Ens.    Gurney Idaho     SO           M/human              Allan
Ens.    Kzark            EO           M/Ferengi            Dale
Ens.    Joanne Calidan   Ops          F/Trill              Dale

Crew members with position N/A are recent acquisitions and are currently 

Crew members with (rod) following position have been relieved of duty and 
those with (a) are currently acting in that position.


Longest title
This prestigious award goes to: Lieutenant Angus Murray: Tactical, Chief 
Security officer, Second officer (acting).

Largest department
Engineering, with seven permanent 'named' personnel.  A while back, this 
accolade was held by Security.

This section regarding all characters to date who have engaged in carnal 
relations with Keanu Maren (this is a running joke regarding the body
temperature of a Trill).
In order;

Lt.      Ishara (Deceased)
Ens.     Teri Blake (Deceased)
Ens.     Joanne Calidan (Very afraid)
Lt. Cmdr Joanna Houston

Top 10 least likely FRONTIER subplots

10) Dana Sampter turns up alive and well in an escape pod.

9) William Ramsay holds a crew conference in his ready-room.

8) Keanu Maren becomes engaged in a non-sexual relationship with *one* 
member of the opposite sex.

7) The chief engineer takes half an hour to write his maintainace list.

6) The captain is taken hostage by the Borg and forced to lead an assault
on StarFleet at Wolf 359.  Their plans are thwarted by smart thinking on
the part of the First Officer.

5) Angus Murray leads an away mission during which no-one is killed.

4) Patrick Simony lends his talents to combat instruction, only to be taken 
down by a pathetic-looking nameless ensign.

3) An all-powerful entity observes the Frontier and decides not to
interfere in its mission.

2) The Frontier crosses the Kzinti border without being detected or


1) William Ramsay realises that he has misinterpreted his orders and was 
supposed to wait at the Kzinti border while the stolen ships were
peacefully returned.

And by overwhelming demand for all you sicko's out there:
1. Lt.     Sarah Elliot (Not confirmed)
2. Ens.    Phil
3. Ens.    Jervis Chambers
4. Lt(jg). Katie Braun
5. Ens.    Teri Blake
6. Lt.     Ishara

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