Name: Patrick Simony

Sex: Male

Race: Tolstoyan (See Tolstoy descriptor.)

        Height: 7'2"
        Weight: 28 stone
        Eyes: Hazel
        Hair: Red
Home planet: Tolstoy

Rank: Ensign [Lt(jg).]

Service number: C011-999

Current placement: Security officer, SB EPSILON

Previous placements: Student, Starfleet Academy
                     Tactical/Security officer, FRONTIER

        Huxley Education centre (Tolstoy)
        Starfleet Academy, Earth;
                Majors: Security/Tactical & Command
                Minors: Weapons training & Combat instuction

        Mother: Jennifer Simony, Nurse, Tolstoy Medical Centre 
        Father: Graham Simony, Colonial Engineer 
        Brother: Stewart Simony, Planetary Terraformer
        Sister: Heather Simony, Biologist
        Sister: Kelly Simony, Shuttle Pilot

Beliefs: The Tolstoyans have a complicated mythology and more Gods than a 
        megapede has legs.  Although all Tolstoyans are well versed in the
        stories and events of their religion it means little more to them 
        than first year home economics means to a post-graduate with a 
        doctorate in sub-atomic particle physics.

Hobbies: Patrick plays a Ressikan flute and has an infinitely diverse
        taste in music, everything from Earth ballets to Romulan death

Notes: Patrick was born on the high gravity world Tolstoy, he was an
        athlete on this planet and so in lower gravity he is immensely
        strong and astonishingly agile for his size.  
        Patrick graduated from the Academy with the highest possible
        accolades including his unofficial but much prized "First
        cadet in the history of Starfleet to knock out the combat
        instructor in less than 5 seconds award".  

                Patrick chose a command course at the academy on his 
        fathers advice and between his physique and his strong
        mentality he does indeed have a commanding presence.  Patrick
        is highly proficient at many martial arts but prefers to use
        the techniques he developed himself which are heavily biased 
        to his somewhat unique blend of strength and agility.
                Patrick is often seen by others as violent or even 
        stupid because of his size and build, he strongly resents this
        assosiation.  He is not a violent person by nature, prefering 
        to talk quarrels over, although his mere presence can often do
        more to defuse a potential crisis than all the diplomacy he 
        can muster.
                With his looks and his cheerful personality, Patrick 
        is a popular man with the ladies and although never short of a
        date he has been notably unsucessful in his attempts at
        long-term relationships.  He says that this is because there
        is an infinite variety of women in the galaxy and he wants to
        keep his options open until he feels ready to make a