Name: Leana DeLias

Race: Bajoran

Sex: Female

Age: 20

D.O.B: 28th July

        Height: 5'8"
        Weight: 9 stone
        Eyes: Green
        Hair: reddish brown, short

Home planet:Bajor

Rank: Ensign [Lt(jg).]

Service Number: 53XY-BA83

Current placement: AWOL

Previous placements: Student, Starfleet Academy
                     Security officer, FRONTIER

        Vardana school (Bajor)
        Starfleet Academy, Earth;
                Majors: Security/Tactical
                Minors: Operations/Computers

        Mother: Leana Elaine, Millitia officer
        Father: Kendra Berrok, Administrator, Bajoran shipyards
        Brother: Kendra Trelaine, Computer technician
Beliefs: Leana has a seemingly deep but fundamentally unsure belief in the 
        Bajoran religion, she prays daily and observes all the required 
        rites and ceremonies but does not believe in what she does with all
        her heart. This has left her perputually on the verge of a crisis 
        of faith.
Likes: Leana is very fond of flute music and Klingon Opera which she 
        finds invigorating and uplifting.

Dislikes: She has a rigid hatred of red tape and beurocracy when it
        prevents real work being done.

Notes: Leana grew up in Vardana province on Bajor, she was born into a 
        troubled family at an unhappy time in their lives. Her parents 
        hoped that a child would give them something to focus on and bring 
        them closer together but instead she proved a difficult child to 
        raise and only succeeded in putting a wedge between them. Her 
        parents grew to resent her a great deal and only her older brother 
        held any affection for her. 

                Neither of the children were strangers to being beaten but
        one night was particularly bad, both her mother and father became
        truly enraged and exceptionally violent and her brother, genuinely
        fearing for Leana's life, fled the house with her in tow.

                The two of them spent the next six years living together, 
        they moved around a lot to avoid the risk of being traced. Trelaine
        did his best to raise Leana on his own and although he was only 
        young himself, and inexperienced, he coped remarkably well. 
        Trelaine had always had a knack with computers so once he started
        looking he soon found employment. Once they had settled down, Leana
        decided to leave Bajor and join Starfleet.

                Leana was a very capable student but I don't see her 
        career advancing at any rate until she matures a bit more.  Her 
        temper and stubborness frequently got her into trouble, she would  
        often be escorted to my office after having started a fight with 
        another student.  During mock combat she would often be goaded 
        into making a wrong move by her opponent and in tactical 
        simulations her decision making was taking place in her fists
        instead of her head.  At the moment she is rash and sometimes 
        taken to insurbordination but I believe that once she is tempered 
        by experience she will be a fine officer.

                                Joshua Ellis
                                Starfleet Academy