Player name: Dale Forster

Name: Keanu Maren

Age: Host: 21 Symbiont: 61

Race: Trill

Sex: Male

Service Number: NX-74205


           Hair: Light brown,short

           Eyes: Green/Hazelnut

           Weight: 10 Stone  (10 st = 140 lbs or 63.6 Kg)

           Height: 6'

           Build: Slim athletic

Distinguishing characteristics: Brown spots around hairline, down neck
                                and spine. Trill's body temperature's 
                                are lower than humans so they feel 
                                cold to touch.

Home Planet: Trillia Prime (Tri system)

Place of birth: The Great Valley, Trillia Colony, Trillia Prime

Education; The Great Valley Academy,Trillia Prime 
           Starfleet Academy,San fransisco,Earth
           Majored in: Engineering/Science
           Minors: Medical/Security
           Others: 1/2 Semester Course in Biomechanical engineering
                   1/2 Semester course in Holodeck Engineering 

Languages: Federation Standard (Fluent, native language)
           Cardassian  (Fluent, as a native)
           Romulan     (Basic Understanding)
           Klingon     (Basic Understanding)
           Ferengi     (Rudimentary)
           Jem'Haddar  (Very Rudimentary)

Last Host's Education;
           The Great Valley Academy.
           Majored in: Engineering 
           Minors in: Exoarcheology/ Starship design/constrution
           Trillia Engineers Guild
           [Classified by The GUILD]
Starfleet career:
           SD.70528 Graduated Starfleet academy  
           SD.70530 Assigned to holodeck 2
           SD.70530.0045 Reassigned to holodeck 2A
           SD.70613 Assigned to secret mission     
                    Code Name: OPERATION CURIOSITY
                    [CLASSIFIED GRADE ONE]
Ambitions: To be head of Starfleet engineering. On retirement from 
           starfleet, Keanu would like to return to Trillia Prime to
           help train future generations to be accepted as hosts.     
Family;    Hosts mother and father both live on Trill Prime.
           Mother: Beverly Rhodes (44), Engineer on the home world.
           Father: Michael Rhodes (46), Bioengineer on the home world.
Family of last host;

           Wife:   Taramis (28), Obsidian Agent on Cardassia Prime
                   Married for 8 years.
           Mother: Angela Conner (Deceased)
           Father: Stephen Conner (Deceased)
Status: single

Likes:     Synthehol (not very resistant to alcohol), Classical music.
           Reading badly written tech manuals.

Dislikes:  Klingon food "I don't like food that bites back".

Hobbies:   Holo recreation, Keeping Fit, Listening to music, Painting
           and meditation.

Interests: Alien Species, Inventing new gadgets.

Beliefs:   Life after death, It is a great honor to be selected to 
           host a symbiont.
Most embarassing time:

        During his time at ALB. It was leaked out that he kissed the
        ensign he was training with who turned out to be the 
        instructor, his friends have never let him forget about this.
Notes:  This Symbiont has lived through two hosts, this is the first
        host which has joined Starfleet. 

        The first host (Locus) also male and was a contruction
        Engineer at Utopia Planitia for Rocketdynte a commercial
        company contracted to build ships for starfleet. He died at 
        the age of 80 years.
        [Classified by The GUILD]
        Locus Maren attended The Great Valley Academy and gained 
        honers in Exoarcheology/ Starship design/construction. From
        there Locus applied to The GUILD to be educated in the ways of
        Engineering. No one is allowed to speak of what they have
        learned. Those who have spoken, have *Vanished* without trace.

        Locus lived on the Cardassian home world after working at
        Utopia fleet yards. Locus was married to a young Cardassian
        woman named Taramis who was a member of the Obsidian order.
        Although she attempted several times to use him for information,
        Locus was stubborn enough to make her give up, unfortunately
        this didn't exactly make for a solid foundation in their
        relationship. Their marriage ended when Locus Maren had to
        return to Trillia Prime to choose his successor.   
        Since the passing of the Maren symbiant to Keanu, there has been
        no contact between the two, in fact some could call it a war of
        Before joining Starfleet Keanu was in the Trillian defence 
        force, training to be a fighter pilot. During his first year,
        his squadron the Blackbirds where involved in mid-air 
        collision due to his error. Keanu was then kicked out of the
        air-force, after this Keanu has never felt comfortable in
        shuttles or other small craft.
        Keanu had a tough time getting into the academy because of 
        the Suspicious nature of Locus Maren's departure to 
        Cardassia shortly after completion of the Galaxy class
        project. Locus sold his apartment and closed all his afairs, 
        Telling his friends he was leaving for Trillia Prime. It was 
        later found out by SFIA that he had booked passage on a trade 
        ship heading to Cardassia.
        Keanu, before comming a host, went throught extreme physical 
        and mental training, because of this Keanu has not had many 
        personal involments with members of the opposite sex. 

        Keanu's time at the academy was mostly spent studying for his 
        final exams. For his final thesis keanu wrote a paper entitled
        "T.I.D, Tachyon Impellor Drive", this impressed his 
        engineering professor (Dr. Zachariah Cetane) so much that he
        asked him to his home in Alaska to meet his family and discuss
        Keanu's theory. On Dr. Cetane's advice Keanu submitted the
        invention to Starfleet's Engineering division. 
        [See TACDRIVE.PRO]

Psychological profile: 

                Keanu is an outgoing and adaptable young man, he is
        rather unique among the Trills I have met previously.  This is
        due to Maren, the symbiont, is still relatively young and so
        has not lost it's impulsive urges.  As a consequence he is
        still inquisitive and lacks the... maturity I would normally
        assosiate with a Trill.

                Keanu has had a number of experiences which have had a
        profound psychological effect on him the first was the 
        incident in the fighter squadron, he is still reluctant to 
        travel in shuttles.  During his first mission he underwent a 
        prolonged interrogation by an alternate version of one of his 
        best friends, he still has nightmares about the experience.
                All considered however, Keanu is competent and 
        reliable, he is not affected by any disorders or instability.
                    Counsellor Allanna Morganheim

        "I'd never had the privilege of working with Trills before, and 
        as with every other such experience, I found this one to be
        quite fascinating. Keanu Maren is a very capable officer, and
        his experience in Engineering was invaluable during the mission
        His previous host worked at Utopia Planitia for the better part
        of his life. If I may digress, he was part of the huge team
        which worked on the Galaxy-Class project, and was ultimately
        involved in the construction of many Galaxy-Class starships,
        including the famous USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. It is 
        remarkably easy to tell how young the symbiont is, especially 
        from the occasionally impulsive behaviour. His resistance to
        torture was severely tested during this mission by none other
        than the mirror-counterpart of the chief security officer
        (Angus Murray, an acquaintance of his), and we were all glad
        that he managed to survive the ordeal. What could be worse than
        being tortured by your best friend? Sometimes I am glad that my
        memories will not last for centuries."

        Counselor K'Ich Pa

        Located in the Tri Solar system, 3 of 8 planets (there used to
        be nine) about the same size and gravity of Earth. Very harsh
        weather system. Only 0.3% of the planet is able to sustain a
        diversity of life.
        Trillia Prime suffered extensive ecological damage when an 
        inner planet in the (Tri)ll system was hit by a rouge comet. 
        This effected gravity in the Tri System and trillia prime was 
        moved into a new orbit. 

        In the years that followed, Trillia Prime, Once a exotic 
        paradise turned to a world of ice. Only one deep valley 
        incircling the equator of the planet has Trees and rivers.

        The two races on the planet relised that they would have to 
        work together if they were to survive. The Trills were born.


        Trill. A joined species comprised of a humanoid host and a 
        small vermiform symbiont that resides in an internal abdominal
        pocket of the host body. Most of the personality and memories 
        of the Trill reside in the symbiots, which are extremely 
        long-lived, although the host also contributes personality 
        traits to the joined life-form.

        Upon the death of a host body, a Trill symbiont can be 
        transplanted into another host. Trill hosts enter voluntarily 
        into their association with the symbiont, and in fact there is
        rigorous competition among potential hosts to determine who 
        will be accorded this honor.
        Hosts are accepted into their mid/early-twenties. Once joined,
        the host and symbiont become biologically interdependent, and 
        after 93 hours, neither can survive without the other. 

        The resulting new joined life-form is considered to be another
        person, although it retains memories of previous joinings. 
        Trills hands are narurally cold. Sometimes friendships with 
        other species don't survive when the trill moves to the next 

        Trill hosts sometimes have sexual feelings, but they do their 
        best to rise above them, *it dosn't always work.*

        Symbiont. A small, sightless, immobile intelligent life-form, 
        one-half of the Trill joined species. The symbiont lives 
        within a humanoid host, gaining sustenance and mobility from 
        the host. The symbiont's intelligence is the dominant 
        personality in the joined life-form, althouh the host's 
        personality is reflected as well.