Subject: FRONTIER: Thru the nite

SD 80507

I started this before post number 75, but finished it after, hence the
wierd problem with the stardate.


Simony and Houston stepped out of the turbolift and immediately took in the
scene before them; Sykes and Priestly were out cold on the deck, behind the
tactical console.  The doctor sported a nasty burn which traversed chest
and arms.

"Medical emergency.  Dr. Sampter, meet me in Sickbay," Houston reported
immediately.  She hoisted Sykes, motioned for Patrick to get Louise; when
the lift doors closed she ordered, "Deck Two."

It seemed to take too long for the turbolift to traverse the one deck, then
the two made for Sickbay with their loads at a rapid but safe pace.  With
Ruth at least thirty seconds away, all of Joanna's little-used medical
knowledge and holodeck training was put to good use.  Grabbing a medical
tricorder, she scanned first Preistly then Sykes.  Glancing briefly at the
Tolstoyan she said, "She has a mild concussion and will need a few hours to
recover.  As for the doctor, you can see the extensive plasma burn, which
will require immediate treatment.  Excuse me."  She reached past to grasp a
protoplaser and brought it to bear on the burn.  Her other hand was busy
filling a hypospray.  It was quite remarkable to see her deal with the
problem, combatting fluid loss, shock and the burn damage, as if it were 
natural to her.  The truth was different; she was unfamiliar with the 
layout of Sickbay, where each and every tool was located, but she made up
for it with speed and accuracy and precision.

When Dr. Sampter bustled through the door, Joanna was vaguely glad that
someone more experienced was available to treat the patient.  She watched 
the Betazoid adopt a veneer of calm professionality, checking various
readings and helping with the treatment.  Patrick stood for a few moments
feeling like a fifth wheel, then attended to Louise's admittedly less
severe condition.

FRONTIER 2-Backward

As Terulus walked in, some people were already beginning to relax as the
news of the plasma creature's fate filtered through the ship.  He
approached the captain and said directly, "Sir, we've lost warp capability.
The 'core just packed up completely, and most of Engineering crew are
heading for quarters to get some rest before we look at the problem."

He looked a little sour at that last point, but Ramsay didn't make anything
of it.  "Everyone should be getting some sleep.  I'll take bridge watch
with Riker until end of Gamma shift, then retire myself. I've got a couple
of ideas for Engineering to be getting on with when Alpha shift comes.  He
turned to face everyone who was left in 2-Backward, and activated shipwide
comms, "I know this has been a hard day, folks.  If you feel up to it,
stand a watch in Engineering or on the Bridge for now.  If not, get
some rest and get ready for Alpha shift.  That's all.  Ramsay out."

A little later

"Neil, can you hear me?"  The words were distant, muffled.

"Neil?"  A bit more distinct.  Instinctively he tried to sit up.  Pain
seared through his arms and chest.

"What happened?" he whispered.

"You took some serious plasma burns, evidently as a result of an attack by
the creature," replied Houston helpfully.  "Excuse me, I think I may be
needed on the bridge."

Ruth looked up briefly as the android left; reflecting that Joanna's quick 
thinking had probably saved Sykes' life.  "I've patched up most of the
damage, but some areas of your skin have been altered in some fashion I
can't fathom.  It's slowing down scar removal, so in the meantime you're
going to feel a little rough."

He woke up a little more, "Louise?  Is she... okay?"

"Fine.  A concussion, nothing more."

Neil settled down in relief.  "What about the creature?"

"Engineering say they flushed it out using the plasma venting system. 
Everything is more or less getting back to normal."  She neglected to 
mention the fact that they'd lost warp capability; it was wasn't essential
news for a sick man.

Keanu Maren's quarters

"You know," said Joanne as Keanu walked her in, holding her hand, "it's  
good Joanna went to the bridge. I'll have you all to myself."

"You could say that," he grinned, pushing her down onto the bed.

Sorry Dale, if you're not fast you're last. (SME)


Ramsay walked out of the turbolift and straight round to the Ops console, a 
position familiar to him.  Riker took a few seconds to decide, sitting down
at the helm.

A minute or so passed; Lynne Smythe walked in and took tactical.  Houston, 
who had taken time out to change into uniform, walked down to the front of  
the bridge and asked, "May I have Ops, Captain?"

"You may," he replied, standing and moving to the Engineering station 
immediately behind, wanting to check up on the situation down there anyway.

FRONTIER Engineering

"That was a good party," commented Graim Fieve, looking up from the master 
status display.  "You should have been there."

The Bajoran opposite him grunted in approval.  "Well, I was feeling pretty 
beat after Alpha shift.  Figured I'd call it a day, then next thing I know 
there's some sort of plasma creature on the loose and everyone's running 
scared into 2-Backward," replied Graim's Academy classmate, Lukas Iaens.

[Is anyone in Engineering?] came Ramsay's disembodied voice.

"Yes, Captain, what can I do for you?" asked Graim promptly.

[Here's a list of components,] said Ramsay, the screen on the panel
bringing up the information.  [Give me a breakdown on how available each
one is, including possibly cannibalising, duplicating or replicating from
existing equipment.]

"Understood.  I'm on it, Captain."

[I'm thinking *maybe* we could put together a replacement warp core using 
the existing structure, in about two days.  Give us about Warp 2 perhaps.]

"That's pretty ambitious, sir.  I mean, two days?"

[I know.  But that's all the time we have in this region of space.  Ramsay 

                          Respectfully submitted:

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