Subject: FRONTIER: The beast must die

SD 80424

>The power drain started to subside, Keanu had improved power output 
>levels by 3%. That gave them about two hours at warp speeds left.
>Keanu thought to himself *We're not going to reach the border.*
>Keanu looked at his Cardassian phaser pistol, *We may have to fight 
>our way out.*

Angus took the heavy phaser from the table and headed for the door, before 
leaving he paused and turned to Ruth, "Are you going to stay here?" he 

"I think I'd prefer to," she replied coldly.

Angus walked to the turbolift and tried to contact the bridge again, still 
no answer.  The doors slid open and he saw Leana and Patrick standing 
outside with Houston, "Leana, you're with me, Patrick and Houston I want 
you to go to the bridge, there's something wrong up there."

Patrick nodded and he and Houston stepped into the lift.

Leana struggled to keep up with Angus' determined stride, "Why didn't you 
go to the bridge yourself?" she asked.

Angus stopped by a Jeffries tube, "It's tapping into an EPS conduit and 
Maren thinks it may be wounded, if it is I think this weapon has the best 
chance of finishing it off." He toed open the hatch and ducked into the 

She followed him in and they travelled the confined crawlway until the came
to a T-junction, Angus signalled for Leana to stay and he squinted round 
the corner.  The creature was squatting next to a broken access plate and 
was touching the plasma conduit in the wall of the tube.

Angus lifted the phaser and the creature, noticing him at last, fled into 
the conduit.  Angus crawled quickly to where it had disappeared, there was 
a hole in the conduit and only an emergency field stopped the tube from 
being flooded by plasma.

Leana then followed him round the corner and saw what had happened.  She 
tapped her wrist-comm, "Engineering, we have a *big* problem."

[Please say you're kidding, we've got enough problems here as it is.] It 
was Maren's voice.

"No kidding I'm afraid, our monster's just hidden *inside* the EPS conduit.
That takes it out of security's hands now, it's your problem."

Why Allan, why?  Why me?  It should be Dale writing this, Maren's his 
character.  Oh well...

FRONTIER Engineering

"Well, that makes it easier," said Festore.

"How?" asked a dozen voices at once.

"I thought it was obvious," he remarked.  Then, noticing their expressions,
he added, "We use the EPS system to force the creature out of the ship, 
locking it into each section until we vent it into space."

"An excellent idea," said Cralk.  "With just one drawback - when we lock 
sections, several shipboard systems at a time are going to lose power."

"We'll have to try and route it through as many non-critical areas as 
possible," added Maren, already getting to work.  "Alright, it's in conduit
forty-seven.  That supplies power to life support-"

"Great, we're screwed already," said an exasperated Terulus.

Maren ignored him and continued, "-on deck four.  Well, nobody's on deck 
four, right?"

"Nobody in their right mind," muttered Festore.

"Conduit forty-seven is sealed," reported Cralk.  "We've got a choice of 
flushing it into twenty-two or sixteen.  Twenty-two... supplies the 
gravity grid for deck three.  Sixteen is... life support deck two."

Maren took it onboard and reached for the shipwide comms.  "Attention, deck
three is about to experience zero gravity.  This will not last long."

[I hope not,] returned Ruth, who was still seated at the console in the 

"Okay, it's in conduit twenty-two.  Re-opening conduit forty-seven," added 

"Sealing conduit twenty-two-" Maren said, and abruptly found it difficult 
to co-ordinate his movements as the gravity flicked off.  "What now?" he 

"We've got only twenty-one, that's just... ah, gravity systems deck two," 
replied Cralk apologetically.

"Deck two, standby for gravity outage.  Deck three, gravity should be back 
in a minute or so."

[I sure hope you know what you're doing,] grumbled Ramsay over the 

As the gravity came back on line a few of those assembled in Engineering 
lost their footing.  In the Brig, Ruth took a plunge as she suddenly ceased
floating in mid-air.

[2-Backward here, we've got vomit floating about up here and it's your 

Maren concentrated on the problem at hand.  "Conduit twenty-two is open 

"Two bad choices sir.  We'll need to have the bridge evacuated, or 
Engineering - the next two conduits supply life-support power.  After that 
we're clear."

"It'll have to be the bridge, we have to stay here in case it doesn't fall 
for it.  Bridge, we need to cut life-support up there to get rid of this 
creature," requested Maren.

[This is Simony, give us a minute there's injured crewmen up here.]

An agonising minute ensued as Patrick and Joanna retrieved Priestly and 
Sykes.  [We're clear and in the turbolift now, Engineering.]

Maren nodded and watched the plasma creature move so inexorably to its 
predestined exit.  "Sealing number five, opening twenty-one."

In 2-Backward, vomit suddenly splattered down over the tables and floor.  
Ramsay sighed in perplexment.

"It's in number five now, sir," said Cralk.  "We can vent it any time."

Keanu depressed the button to vent plasma conduit five, and the creature 
tumbled out in a thin stream along with the rest of the plasma.

"It's gone," mused Terulus.  "You did it, Mr. Trill."

As Keanu irritably closed number five's vent and re-opened it to the 
distribution system, he remarked, "That's Maren.  And it was his idea."  He
pointed to Festore.

Festore didn't acknowledge the comment but looked worriedly at the master 
display console, "The problems aren't over yet," he said. "We haven't got 
power going to the engines, they're as good as dead."

Keanu looked across his shoulder at the console, "The warp-core must have 
destablised while we were flushing the creature through the conduits." He  
stopped and looked at one of the displays, "We've dropped to impulse and I
didn't even notice," he said.

Terulus let out a bitter laugh, "Great, we've got rid of it and now we're 
dead in space.  How many *years* will it take to get back to Epsilon from 
here at full impulse?"

Keanu retched once, but stifled it and slumped into a seat, "I say we leave
it until the morning, I don't feel up to this."

Kesrick grimaced, "You look like something the cat brought up.  I'll 
inform the captain of our lamentable predicament," he said. "I wanted to go
back to the bar anyway."

Festore looked around as the ship's engineers left main engineering in a
shamble of pallid faces and shuffling feet.  Then realising that he was
in no shape to comment he quietly made his way back to his room.

                       Respectfully submitted;
                        *  Allan MacLennan   *
                        *                    *
                        * [Lt.] Angus Murray *

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