Subject: FRONTIER: Angus gets pissed off

SD 80418


Keanu went to his bed, reaching under it he pulled out two cases. He 
keyed open the lock on them, In the larger of the two, labled standerd
Issue, inside was a Type-3 Phaser rifle, a type-1 hand phaser and a type-2 
hand phaser. 

The other case was labelled, Alien Pistols. In this case there was two
Cardassian phaser pistols, one Klingon disruptor and a Romulan disruptor.

[This is Murray, the intruder is somewhere between deck three and four.]

"Nice little cache you have here," said Joanne looking at the two cases.

"They were Locus's, he collected them on his travels," Keanu said as he 
picked up one of the Cardassian phasers and a tricorder.

"I'll stick to a weapon I'm used to." She took the phaser rifle.

Keanu tapped his comm badge, "Maren to Murray."

[Murray here.]

"Joanne and myself are now armed, where do you want us to search?"

[Just keep an eye on 2-Backward and don't get in the way, I don't think 
you're in any condition for anything more.]

"Okay, we'll position ourselves outside near the air vents. Maren out."


Keanu and Joanne took up positions either side of the air vents. Adam
Thornsen appeared from 2-Backward he was followed by Kzark, they both
carried hand phasers and tricorders.

"Adam, Kzark, you stay here and watch 2-backward. We're going to 

Keanu and Joanne stepped into the turbolift. "Deck 3," Keanu said.

"How do you feel?" asked Joanne. 

Keanu went to answer, but his tricorder started bleeping, he set it warn 
him if it detected a plasma source. Keanu scanned the area. "Its above us."
They both reached for their weapons. It came through the hatch in the roof,
Keanu fired as the creature touched his hand. It released a bolt of plasma 
that badly burnt Keanu's hand. Joanne could not fire without hitting him.  
Keanu feel to the floor. The creature dissapeared back into the hatch. "Are
you okay? Keanu?"

"Not really, help me to engineering, there's a medikit there," Keanu said 
through pain as the turbolift doors opened.

"Maren to Murray, the creature just attacked us in the turbolift, it may 
still be in the shaft."

Angus bit back a sharp retort to what he had just heard, "What the hell are
you doing in the turbolift?  I told you to stay in 2-Backward!"

[Thornsen and Kzark are there. I will be of more use in engineering, 
helping with repairs.]

"We can talk about this later, just make sure you tell me in advance next 
time."  Angus cut the link and looked back at his console, there was no 
sign of the creature anywhere.  "Louise, I need an update."

[I can't make it out properly, it's near the plasma conduits and they're 
interfering with the signal.]

"Try and get a fix on it.  Terulus, where in God's name are you?  I need 
you in engineering five minutes ago!"

[We got held up.  We're in the lift now, just give me a minute!]

Once the link was down again Angus paced frustratedly and lashed out at an 
unoffending wall, "Dammit! This is not getting any better!" He was almost 
shouting now, the feelings of anger and helplessness showing clearly on his

"You really need to calm down," remarked Ruth, hardly failing to pick up 
such a torrent of emotion.  She was met with a cold stare from Angus.

"No kidding," he glowered, looking back to the tactical display.  Such was 
his single-mindedness that he jumped six feet in the air when he felt her 
hands on his shoulders.

"What the hell are you playing at?!" Angus yelled.

"You're tense.  If you want your neck muscles to lock up in heated combat
then that's fine but don't complain to me when it happens.  It can be very 
painful, you know," she defended.

"Not half as painful as what I'd do to that thing, if I thought I would 
hurt it," he growled.

"Suit yourself," Ruth replied.

"I thought I told you to watch that screen."

Her expression darkened just a little, "Well I would if you would move out 
of the way."

Angus took a step to the side and kicked the wall again.

Ruth sighed and tried to concentrate on the display, but under such a 
nearby source of raw emotion it was difficult.  Added to growing fatigue, 
it wasn't long before she wished she had a pair of reading glasses.

"What by all the Gods was I thinking of!" Angus exclaimed, "I was sitting 
in the lounge drinking Romulan ale while that thing was running rampant
across the ship killing people!"

"I thought Romulan ale was contraband."

"Yeah! So what?" Before she could reply Angus stabbed his wrist-comm, 
"Kesrick! What the hell is taking you so long?"

[Christ Murray! We're here already.]

"Right, just let me know next time!"

Ruth couldn't stand it any more; you could swim in the lake that was Angus'
anger.  "Don't you know when to stop?  I can't concentrate if you're 
radiating negative vibes like a supernova!"  She brought her fist down on 
the console, hard.

Angus shot her a venomous look, "Listen! I am pissed off because that thing
has killed Ishara.  I am pissed off because that thing is still alive.  I 
am pissed off because I can't kill that thing.  But mostly, I am pissed off
because it keeps my adrenaline up and stops me from passing out on the 

She turned back to the console, and Angus was too caught up by what was 
happening to notice her tears of frustration.  Ruth simply couldn't handle 
a patient who didn't want to be helped.


Louise watched the scanner intently, the creature had vanished without a 
trace, and she was trying to relocate it, without much success.

"Any luck?" asked Neil for the umpteenth time, still nervously holding the 

"Neil, will you slow down!  I'm getting exhausted just watching you."

"Sorry," he replied, and tried to relax, without much success.

The display suddenly changed, and Louise drew in breath as she tried to 
ascertain where the plasma reading was.  "It's moving!" she said over 
shipwide comms.  "Deck Three, no... Deck Two... no, it's headed up here!"

As she ended that last sentence, a green fluid escaped from an air vent at 
the front of the bridge.  "Give me that phaser!" she exclaimed.  Sykes was 
happy to hand it over.

Louise fired at the monster but the shot had no obvious effect, it fired 
back at her but the shot struck the front of the tactical console showering
both Louise and Sykes with shrapnel.  Louise was flung back against the 
wall and fell to the floor, concussed and winded.

Sykes grabbed her phaser and fired at the creature again, his shot landing 
square in the centre of the amorphous blob.  Unfortunately this didn't seem
to do any good, apparently only irritating the intruder and inciting it to 
fire back yet again.

This time it nailed its target, plasma scorching across Sykes' shoulder 
and onto his chest.  He crumpled to the floor, the pain muted by the 
immediate unconsciousness.

Satisfied that it had inflicted much suffering on the two, the creature 
returned to the vent to find more prey.

[Louise, have you found it yet?]  The question went unanswered, [Louise?  
Sykes?  Report!]


Joanne retreved the medi-kit from under the main console, and attended
to Keanu's burns with a tissue mitigator. Keanu watched as his burns 
slowly vanished. 

"What happened?" Neil asked.

"The intruder touched me, it's made of plasma," Keanu answered as he 
looked around to the warp core, his eye informed him that it was 
stable for the time being.

Neil spoke, "The core is still too unstable to regenerate the crystal,
if we don't get any heavy power demands it will be stable in about eight

Joanne put the medi-kit back under the console. and studied the 
readings on the master display table. "These blue lines," she pointed 
to the diagram of the Frontier, "are these plasma conduits?"

Keanu went to her side, "Yes, they run all through the ship
disributing power."



"Shit!" Neil said as the computer repeated.



"Neil turn that damn warning off, then run a trace on the power 
output," Keanu said sitting down at his console.

"It's coming from a EPS conduit on deck 2."

"It could be wounded and needs power to heal itself," Joanne suggested.

"Maren to Murray, the intruder is feeding off the EPS system on deck 
2, it may be wounded and trying to heal itself."

[Roger, Murray out.]

Joanne looked at Keanu puzzled, "Who's Roger?"

Keanu shook his head, "It's a Terran phrase, it means 'okay'." Keanu 
tapped away at his console trying to stablise the warp core.

The power drain started to subside, Keanu had improved power output 
levels by 3%. That gave them about two hours at warp speed left.
Keanu thought to himself *We're not going to reach the border.*
Keanu looked at his Cardassian phaser pistol, *We may have to fight 
our way out.*

           /                 ||||   Respectfully submitted:
          /   ()  ()  ()  () ||||   Dale Forster
         /___________________||||   [Lt.] Keanu Maren, CEO FRONTIER
             /     /   /            
            /     /__ /   
           /     /        

                       Respectfully submitted;
                        *  Allan MacLennan   *
                        *                    *
                        * [Lt.] Angus Murray *

          "Put your faith in God and keep your powder dry."
                           Oliver Cromwell

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    D   A          [Cmdr] Caroline Ramsay, rodXO FRONTIER          A   D
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