Subject: FRONTIER: Tracking the not-so-jolly green giant

SD 80415

>Leana made an expression of distaste, "Someone take that carcass to 
>2-Backward, get him out of the way."

>Joanne hastily dressed Maren, put his arm round her neck and carried him 
>to 2-Backward.


Joanne sat Keanu down at a table, "Cralk, do you have anything that will 
sober him up fast?"

"No, that's one thing the twenty-fifth century still hasn't got round to 

"Try making this, Three parts coffee, two parts milk, three parts carrot 
juice and one part baking soda." Joanne said to Cralk.

"Do you think this will work?" Cralk asked as he started to mix the 

"It works for me, sometimes."

"Here," said Cralk as he handed her a glass of foaming liquid.

"Here Keanu, drink this." Joanne poured the drink down Keanu's throat.

"I'm going to be sick," said Keanu. And he was.

Exorcist sick.

"Do you feel any better now?"

"No." Keanu said cleaning his face of puke. "What's happening?"

"A crew member has been hurt, they are conducting a search. Do you feel up 
to helping?"

"No, but they might need the help. We'll stop by my quarters so we can get 
some weapons." They got up and headed towards Keanu's room.

By now Ramsay had realised that if the intruder chose to attack 2-Backward,
they had very little in the way of firepower.  The weapons locker was in 
the Brig, one deck down.  "David, you're with me.  Everybody, keep calm, 
we're going to fetch phasers for the rest of you."  He checked the settings
on his phaser again, looked up to see Riker approaching him.  "If you don't
mind, I'd like to go with you, Captain.  I think David's had a bit too much
blood-wine."  He gestured over to Ferrost, who was slumped over the bar, 
none too-alert.

"Let's go then, sir," replied Ramsay, turning to the door.

"And don't call me sir.  Will or William is fine," added Riker as they 
moved swiftly to the turbolift.

"I would but that's my name too."

"Oh," mused Riker as the doors closed.


"Hold this," said Louise, pushing the phaser into Neil's hands as she set 
to work running a sweep of the ship.  "If anything moves, shoot it."

"I..." said Sykes, stopping mid-sentence to wave the phaser menacingly at 
each and every corner of the bridge.

"Don't give up medicine, whatever you do," she muttered, at the same 
instant picking up an anomalous plasma reading, "Priestly to Murray, I've 
just run an internal sensor sweep.  There's a plasma reading between decks 
two and three, pretty near you in fact."

[Read you, Priestly, keep a hold of it.  Lose it and you're demoted.]


Angus scanned the area around him, and then carried on to the turbolift 
with Sampter in tow.  Once inside he carefully examined the pod, "Deck 
three." he said.

"Where are we going?" Sampter asked.

"To the brig, I can get access to the whole security array from there."

The lift stopped and the two of them got out and walked to the security 

Once there Angus logged on to the console and brought up a schematic of the
ships ventilation ducts, "Keep an eye on that for me," he told Ruth. "If 
you see anything, tell me."

He walked to the weapons locker and punched in the clearance code.  He 
looked inside and after some pondering exchanged his current weapon for 
the *larger* phaser rifle, he checked the power level.  Fully charged.

"It's a shame they only gave us one of these," he said, arming it.

Ruth turned round to face him, "I'm picking up something."

Angus squinted at the display and tapped his wrist-comm, "Patrick, we've 
found it, deck two, it's heading for the lift shaft."

[Okay, we'll try and catch it before it gets there.]

At that point, just as he had feared, Angus started to feel a little light 

Then Ramsay and Riker walked into the brig.

"Keep that locker open Angus," Ramsay said.  "We need some phasers for the 
rest of the crew, or at least the ones who can still hold one."

"Help yourself, there's twenty three hand phasers and a couple of rifles 

Ramsay patched into shipwide channels and announced, "If anyone's still on 
their own, team up with someone now or get to 2-Backward.  And I want 
anyone not in 2-Backward to report any change in status.  Ramsay out."

He picked out one of the remaining phaser rifles for himself, checked the 
settings, grabbed a belt and started clipping hand phasers to it.  He took 
a sidelong glance at Riker who'd got virtually the same idea.  Estimating 
they had enough to arm everyone who needed to be, they set off a bit more 
slowly to 2-Backward.

Once they had left, Angus heard Leana's voice over the comm, [It got past 
us, it's headed down to deck three.]

Angus looked at the diagram on the console, "Louise, can you tell me where 
it is?"

[It's in the jeffries tube between deck three and four.]

Angus walked out into the corridor and examined the vents along the wall, 
seeing nothing (God, that thing can *move*) he thought as he turned around 
and headed slowly for engineering.  Suddenly Louise's voice came urgently
over the speakers.

[It's on deck three!  Right outside the brig!]

Angus stopped sharply and spun around, his heart thumping.  Perhaps five 
metres away from him was a large creature, it was dark green and slightly 
transparent, it's surface shimmered and glistened like liquid.

Angus' mind went blank for a moment, then he hefted his phaser and brought 
it to bear on the monster.  He fired three times in quick succession, the 
bolts of golden energy hammered into the things torso and a piercing scream
filled the air.  The creature bounded across the corridor and disappeared 
into an air vent.

Angus gaped.  He checked the setting of the weapon, full power.  He headed 
into the brig, activated the shipwide comm again and made a general 
warning to the search parties.

Houston turned a corner on deck two, and noticed Patrick and Leana at the 
opposite end of the corridor.  Waving to attract their attention, she moved
to join up with them.  As she did do, Houston noticed their expressions 
change, their phasers coming to bear on...

She didn't look behind her, just long-jumped, skidding on the corridor 
floor between the two as they opened up on the creature.  Turning around, 
she added her own firepower to the battle.

The thing fired a volley of bolts down the corridor, covering it's own 
escape as it ran around the corner.  The three chased after it but when 
they rounded the corner it was nowhere to be seen.

At that point Ramsay and Riker walked out of the turbolift in front of 
them, surprised to see three phasers momentarily trained in their 

"Did you see it?" asked Houston, lowering her phaser.

"The intruder?  No," replied Ramsay.  The pair turned off to 2-Backward.

After hearing Patrick's report Angus paced his office, "This is very bad,"
he said to Ruth.  "We can carry on like this forever, and our phasers won't
even kill it.  I think we need a new approach."  He looked at her 

"Don't ask me, I don't have a clue about what to do either."

Angus finally stopped pacing and tapped his comm, "Terulus, Cralk, get down
to engineering.  Stat."

[We're on our way Lieutenant,] came the reply.

"If our science boffins can't think up something, we might as well give up 

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