Subject: FRONTIER: Keanu Gets Angry

SD 80409.1907

FRONTIER Engineering

"I'm having trouble engaging warp engines," said Keanu from Engineering.  
"They've taken a pounding."

[Mr. Maren, I expect the Kzinti are sending reinforcements, if you don't 
get those engines on-line we're going to take a *real* pounding.]

"Okay, okay, I'll try them now."

Keanu punched a combination of keys on the main engineering computer,
"Computer, run a diagnostic on the warp engines."

[Insufficient parameters, please specify]

"Level 4," Keanu said as he started to get angry.

[Warp engines are off line.]

This computer was giving Keanu a headache. Keanu lost it. He started to 
kick the console.

[Warp engines are online.]

Keanu stopped and looked around to make sure he had not been seen.

Neil stood with his back to Keanu. "Neil can you take over for an

Neil thought about it for a few seconds, "Yeah, sure."

With that Keanu left for his quarters. He stood at the turbolift for a
few minutes before it arrived. He went to deck 2. As he emerged from 
the turbolift he saw Joanne Calidan opening the access panel to her 
door lock.

"What are you doing Joanne?" Keanu asked.

"The doors locking mechanism is damaged, I'm trying to get into my 

"Here, let me try." Keanu looked at the panel. "It must have shorted 
during our battle with the Kzinti."

"So we're in Kzinti space then? But that's about 270 light years 
away from where we were."

"I'm afraid so." He pressed a few keys and reached his hand down to 
the manual override lever. The door whined it's refusal to open. "So, 
what were you doing on that Ferengi ship?" he asked as he pushed a 
few more keys trying the door again.

"Well since it's you and I trust you. I'm a member of SFIA. I was on 
leave on Trill when I was recalled. They sent a runabout, I can only 
tell you that I was on my way to meet with the USS Hood. We never 
reached her, we were attacked by a cloaked Ferengi ship, my second was
killed in the battle. We were badly damaged, they boarded us but I 
managed to set the self destruct. The Ferengi beamed me out with the 
intention of selling my to someone called the Master. Then you turned 

Keanu tried the lever again, the door whined then opened, "There you go,
I'll get a repair crew on it as soon as there is one free."

"Thanks, will I see you at the party?"

"What party?"

"Haven't you heard? The captain's wife had a son."

"In that case, I'll see you at the party." Joanne entered her quarters
and the doors closed behind her.

"Right, I've got a damage report to start." 


Keanu had been at it for 30 minutes.

"Maren to Ramsay," Keanu said touching his communicator.

[Ramsay here, what is it?]

"Damage report captain, It's bad. Warp engines are at 32% operational 
capacity, we lost one phaser bank, all rear photon tubes damaged, 
shields are holding at 43%, we have a small hull breach on deck 4 but 
the emergency containment fields are holding. The QPD has burnt itself
out again, we have a micro fracture in the dilithium crystal," Keanu paused
for a second as his feet lifted off the floor and he started to float in
the Zero-G. "And the gravity net in my quarters has just failed. That's 
just the main systems, we've got secondary systems out across the board. 
Sir we badly need a repair facility, I would estimate about 2 days of warp
power before it packs in on us."

[Understood, do the best you can for repairs.]

"That's easier said than done, most of the components in the new warp 
drive, I've never heard of before, neither has the computer! I'll do my 
best, and sir, congratulations on your son."

[Thanks Maren, I'll see you at the party. Ramsay out.]

Keanu looked around his quarters, all of his possessions were in 
freefall. Keanu pushed off the view port towards the door, he thought
he would go to engineering and start on the repairs before tonight's 

                          Respectfully submitted:

                               Dale Forster
                      [Lt.] Keanu Maren, CEO FRONTIER

                    "Evil is easy, and has many forms."

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