Subject: FRONTIER: Keanu's Bad Morning

SD 80407

>"It's not working, I can't see."

>"It is an experimental design, we have not turned it on yet."

>"Who are you?" asked Keanu.

The woman came into his line of sight, "I am Doctor Marielle Le Blanc."

"How did I get here? Where are the others?" asked Keanu.

"I will answer all your questions later, first we must test your new eye. 
It is a very sophisticated computer, it will change your visual wave
length to the one you pick. It is also a limited scanner. I am turning it
on now," said Le Blanc answering Keanu.

Slowly the Doctor started to feed power into Keanu's new eye. From darkness
a small green boot-up screen appeared, Keanu tried to read the text as it 
scrolled past but it was moving too fast. After a few seconds he could see 
again. "Can you see?" asked Le Blanc.

"Yes, it's just like it was before."

"Okay, now concentrate, think about another part of the spectrum, say... 
Keanu thought about it, soon his vision jumped to a thermographic-type, 
"It's working... wait it's going." Keanu's vision started to jump randomly
into other parts of the spectrum then stoped on normal vision. 

"You will have to practice, but now there is someone wanting to see you." 
Le Blanc pressed a button near the door and a few seconds later a female 
Trill walked in, it was Joanne Calidan.

Before he could start asking the first of at least a million questions 
Joanne said, "We're in an underground base, they beamed us out just after 
impact.  I've no idea what happened to the others, but they're not here."

"*Who* beamed us out?" asked Keanu.

"From what I can tell they're all humans, but from what I've seen and heard
they don't seem to be affiliated with any major Terran organisation I know 
of.  Possibly military, but I don't have much to go on."

"If they were, they could easily be involved in the war that's going on 
here," remarked Keanu.

"What war?" asked Joanne.

Keanu hesitated then said, "It's a long story.  To cut it short: Q dumped 
us on this planet in the middle of a battle as part of some sad game of 
his.  The crew split up into two to follow the armies to their home bases, 
and you know most of the rest."  He paused for a moment, remembering the 
last time he had seen her, "So what were you doing here?"

"Truth be told, I snuck aboard that Ferengi Marauder just to see where it 
was going."

"Really?" replied Keanu, somewhat sceptically.

"Don't harass me, I can't tell you anything else," she grinned.

"So when are we getting out of here?" Keanu asked innocently.

He saw her disappear in a vaguely familar flash of white light.  Before he 
could open his mouth to object she was standing in front of him again, 
looking very disorientated.  Only, the surroundings had changed.

This corresponds to the point in Allan's post just before 'ONE QUICK 

Glancing around he saw many a familiar face, he was reunited with his 
crewmates at last.

Joanna Houston penetrated the dense throng, a bearer-of-bad-tidings 
expression barely visible.  She simply stood there for a moment, wondering 
how best to break the news to him.

"What is it?" asked Keanu nervously, fearing the worst.

"Teri... did not survive the crash," Houston finally said.

The news hit him like a hammer.  In the short time he'd known Teri Blake, 
there had been a definitive bond between them.  Now that was gone forever. 
Grief overtook him, and he turned away from Houston in a fit of tears.

After a moment he felt a hand clasp his shoulder and pull him into a 
comforting hug.  Houston evidently had this part of bad-news-bearing 
sussed.  If anything she at least had the presence of a good counsellor.

Still sobbing, he was led over to a seat, the android still attending to 
his distraught state.  Keanu looked to her for some words of condolence.

In the end all Joanna could say was, "I am very sorry for you Keanu," but 
that simple statement was more than adequate.

                          Respectfully submitted:

                               Dale Forster
                      [Lt.] Keanu Maren, CEO FRONTIER

                    "Evil is easy, and has many forms."

      S            [Captain] William Ramsay, CO FRONTIER             S
    D   A          [Cmdr] Caroline Ramsay, rodXO FRONTIER          A   D
  R       M        [Lt.Cmdr] Joanna Houston, aXO FRONTIER        M       R
A       M                                                          M       A
  W   E       "He said, `You're too late.  We're everywhere'."       E   W
    D                       Odo, Star Trek: DS9                        D

Owing to Dale's unwillingness to finish this post, I have done it for him. 
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