Subject: FRONTIER: The escape

SD 80212

>"Commodore William Thomas Riker, in suspended animation for twenty-six
>years, and not one Academy student knows of me," he said with a little
>bitterness. "I bet everyone knows about Picard and his famous 

>"Of course," said Keanu, tugging his tunic in a single smooth 

Keanu watched as a guard pushed and locked the door.

Riker sat on the hard bunk and shook his head. Keanu walked over to the 
door, "Houston, can you give me a hand to open the door?"

Both of the androids pushed the door at the same time, Keanu noticed a 
small glint in their eyes as they looked at each other.

"What are you doing?" asked Teri.

"Going to have a look around, want to come?"

"Sure, why not." They left the tower and headed down the corridor towards 
the stairs.

The ground started to shake, the air filled with a thunderous roar, bright 
light escaped from beneath a door. Teri pulled on Keanu's arm for support. 
The noise and the shaking stopped. Keanu pushed open the door the light had
came from, to find himself in a large hanger bay. The room was filled with 
what appeared to Keanu to be a Ferengi Marauder.

"Is that what I think it is?" asked Teri.

"If you think that's a Ferengi Marauder, then yes it is." Keanu and Teri 
moved quietly to some nearby cargo containers. 

The two of them watched as a airlock opened on the side of the vessel, a 
Cardassian and two Ferengi walked out. A door on the far side of the hanger
bay opened. The Master and his guard walked to meet the new arrivals.

"What do you say about having a look inside that Ferengi ship, we may find 
something we can use," Teri said.

"Good idea, the Ferengi must have some kind of phaser or some other energy 
weapon we could use." Keanu and Teri ducked into the air lock of the ship 
as soon as they where sure no one would see them.

The Ferengi ship had an odour of a cheap perfume. "Whats that smell?" asked

"Cheap perfume."

Keanu went to a computer pannel next to an escape pod. 

"What are you doing?" asked Teri. 

"I'm going to use their computer to tell us how to get to the weapons, 
watch for the Ferengi." Keanu got to work and Teri looked down passageway. 
Suddenly a red alert siren sounded.

"What did you do?" asked Teri with concern.

"It wasn't me!" 

Disrupter fire appeared down the corridor, a few seconds later a humanoid 
female also appeared. "Joanne???" asked Keanu.

"Keanu!" Keanu pushed Teri into a escape pod, Joanne followed.

"What are you doing here?" asked Keanu.

"No time to explain, strap yourself in, we're getting outta here," Joanne 
said as she sat at the controls. 

"What about the others?" Teri asked Keanu.

"Joanne, can I use the transporters from here? I need to beam some people

"Yes, use that console by your side." 

Keanu locked onto Riker and one of the Houstons. They transported into the 
pod next to Keanu.

"The system is going down, I can't get anyone else. You had better strap
in, we're getting out of here."

They all sat down. "Here we go," Joanne said from the pilots seat.

Keanu could see the protective cover over the nose, open to reveal a 
window. "Joanne, they're closing the bay doors!" Keanu said with alarm. 

"OH, SHIT," was all she could manage to say as the escape pod ejected from 
its slot on the mother ship. The little black pod shot from the ship, 
ripping straight throught the bay doors and out into the atmosphere.

The pod was started to corkscrew, this along with the high G-force made 
Keanu feel rather sick. 

He could hear the computers voice, [Warning...structural failure]. A few 
seconds later Keanu could feel air rushing in the side of the pod.

[Warning...starboard stabilisers damaged, can not maintain altitude.]

"We're going down..."


Keanu lay on his back. His head hurt and he could not see out of his right 
eye. He heard a voice. 

"Doctor, he's awake."  

"Maren, don't try to move, you're in a security field," another voice said.
"Your right eye was badly damaged, so we replaced it with a bionic implant.
Any questions?"

"It's not working, I can't see."

"It is an experimental design, we have not turned it on yet."

"Who are you?" asked Keanu.

                       Respectfully submitted:

                             Dale Forster
                  [Lt.] Keanu Maren, CEO FRONTIER

                 "Evil is easy, and has many forms."

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