Subject: FRONTIER: Decisions decisions

SD 80118

The dialogues below are between individuals belonging to the mirror
universe. Normally we would add the m- prefix to names to denote 
such individuals, but it proves to be tiresome.

>"Dammit this is serious!" she retorted. The rush of emotion seemed to 
>unblock her reluctance. In a slightly lower voice she added, "I'm 
>pregnant Patrick. It's your child."

>Patrick's face remained expressionless, "You'd better come in." he 

Caroline walked inside and took a seat, her gaze wandering around the room 
for a few seconds before coming to rest on Patrick.

Patrick shut the door and sat down on the bed, "How do you know it's mine? 
Or did you just pull my name out of the hat?"

"Would you be surprised if I said you were the only man I'd slept with 
since... since..."  She stopped there with a pained expression on her 
face, then looked down at the floor. Patrick couldn't see her eyes clearly
now but he knew there were tears aflow.

"Stop snivelling and tell me what you're after."

Caroline didn't look up, but he could tell he'd touched a raw nerve by the 
tone of the response.  "Well, I *was* looking for someone to be a father 
to this child, but I can see I'm wasting my time."  She made to get up and 

Patrick put his hand on her shoulder and said in a slightly softer tone, 
"Dry your eyes woman, you're not leaving 'til you explain this."

She turned slowly, bringing an arm up to her face to wipe away the tears.  
When she was done, she said, "There's no doubt as to who the father is.  
And I want to keep this child.  What I want to know is whether or not you 
want a part in the future of this new life that's growing inside of me."

Patrick stood up and walked across the room, "I've never tried to hide how 
I feel about you, but you never shared that, all you wanted was a shoulder 
to cry on after William died. I don't want to be anyone's second option 

"You were more than just a shoulder.  And you were never a second option, 
Patrick.  If that's how you felt then I'm sorry, but I'll more than make up
for it."  There was a strange quality to her words, and her green eyes 
glittered in the light.

Patrick sat on the bed again, "I need time to think about this."

"I understand."  A faint smile tugged at the corners of her lips - she'd 
been doing a bit of serious thinking herself lately.  She turned to the 
door, reaching for the handle.

"Caroline," he said, she paused. "I won't share you with Ruth."

"I wouldn't expect you to.  Don't worry about her, she'll understand one 
way or another."  There was a devious gleam in her eye as she looked 
back at him, a statement of her transient intentions.  Patrick guessed she
might readily leave the Betazoid for him, but would she stay?

"Or anyone else." he added.

"Monogamy turns you on does it?" she said with a smirk.  "I'll be as 
faithful to you as I would have been to-"  The smirk faded and Caroline 
added in a hushed tone, "Will."

"Especially him."

"I wanted more than anything in the universe for it to be over.  Now I find
out he defected... I don't know what to believe anymore.  I do know this - 
I will not have you live in his shadow."  She spoke with an air of 
sincerity, but impression was not always what counted.

Patrick found himself thinking that this relationship was doomed to failure
already, "We can only try," he said.

Caroline found herself thinking that this relationship was bound to succeed
already.  "We can only try," she said, and left the room.

Patrick sat in silence for a few minutes and then he too left to seek 
advice. He walked through the corridor until he reached (mirror) Angus' 
room. He knocked at the door and waited. Eventually the door opened and 
Angus motioned him in.  

The room was dark but Patrick located a chair and sat down on it, Angus 
closed the door and walked to the window, "I don't think I recognise that 
expression Patrick, do you have a problem?"

"Yes, it's Caroline."

"That makes two of us."

"She's pregnant."


"She's pregnant."

"That's what I thought you said. I assume it's yours."

"That's right."


"She wants me to help her bring it up."


"I'm not sure what to say."

"I'd guessed. What's stopping you from saying yes?"

Patrick shifted uneasily in the seat, "Well, you two don't exactly get 
along and I don't want to have to make a choice between you."


Patrick made to stand up but he settled down again before replying "I 
don't think it's going to work."

"Why not?"

"It's Ramsay, he's dead but she doesn't realise it yet." 

Angus nodded in acknowledgement, "She took it bad enough before, but seeing
this exact double of him seems to have started her off again." He opened 
the window and looked out into the night, a chill breeze blew into the 

"I want to though, I want to at least *try* to make it work."

"Then you have your answer."

"I guess you're right." He walked over to the bed and sat down.

"Get off me you big lump!"

"Oh, sorry." He stood up and went back to the chair. "Thanks Angus," he 
paused, "I'll see you tomorrow then?"

"No doubt."

Patrick left the room and closed the door quietly behind him.

"This causes problems." Angus' words frosted in the cold air.


"If I can't make Caroline see sense she's going to do something stupid and 
get us all killed."

"I don't understand."

"Since Caroline found out the truth about Ramsay's demise she's been having
certain... ideas. From what I can gather she's developed a sudden dislike 
for the Empire, apparently she's considering turning against it. The worst 
thing is that if she talks to the rest of the crew about this they'll 
probably stand with her, now, being the Security officer that could be very
bad for me. The first act of revolution would probably be having the 
Empire's representative tortured to death."

"Is that really likely to happen?"

"Yes. But, if I can come to an agreement with Caroline, if it looks like
we're planning it together, then the crew might see me as an ally as 
opposed to the personification of Imperial tyranny."

"How are you going to arrange that? I mean, Caroline doesn't have many 
reasons to want to keep you alive."

"Thanks," Angus said dryly, "you're making me feel so much better about 
this. You know as much about her as I do, do you think there's any chance 
of it working?"

"I couldn't say, I'm only her bodyguard."

"Slept with her though, didn't you?"

"Once," she replied shyly.

"Am I not enough for you?"

"It wasn't voluntary, well... not completely voluntary." She paused, "Okay 
I just wanted to know what it was like."


"It was over-rated," she lied.

Angus closed the window abruptly, "I'm going to go and talk to her."

"What? Right now?"

"Don't bother waiting up," He walked to the door, "I may be gone some 
time." With that, he walked out into the corridor.

When he reached Caroline's room he tried to think of something to say that 
wouldn't make it sound like he was pleading for his life, trusting to 
his instincts he opened the door and strode into the room.

Caroline was alone in her room, she turned sharply when the door opened and
she scowled when Angus entered, "What are you doing here?" she demanded.

"I've come to a decision." he announced. "Besides, I enjoy barging into 
women's bedrooms."

Caroline ignored the comment and asked, "What sort of decision? About 

"This... rebellion or whatever you're planning."

Caroline feigned innocence, "What *rebellion*? I don't know what you're 
talking about."

"Come on, you know perfectly well what I'm talking about."

She snorted, "I suppose Ruth told you."

"How I found out about it doesn't matter, just know that I know."

"And this decision?"

"I want to help you get it moving."

"What!?" Caroline's tone was of disbelief. "You expect me to let *you* in 
on *this*? Are you out of your mind?

"I hate the Empire as much as anyone!" he retorted, "but I have a job to 
do and I do it as best I can. But if you can pull this off I won't have to
do it anymore, and I think that you've got a better chance of succeeding if
you have my help."

"What do you think you can offer me that I haven't already got?"

"Think about it, I know more about the Empire's infrastucture than anyone 
else you know, I know who to bribe, who to assassinate. What's more, you 
can't do this on your own and I have contacts in high places who can find 
everybody else who feels the same way as you for a price."

"That's all very well but how do I know that I can trust you? If you're 
willing to sell out the Government this easily what are the chances that 
you won't do the same to me as soon as you get the chance?"

"That's a good point," he pondered for a moment, "I guess I'm asking you 
for a leap of faith. And if I step out of line there's probably quite a few
people in the crew who'll be more than happy to get rid of me for you."

Caroline's eyes widened in realisation, "That's what this is about isn't 
it? You're scared that if the crew decide that I'm right that they'll want 
to get rid of the Security officer. You don't want to help at all, you're 
just trying to save your own neck."

Angus realised that he'd made a possibly fatal blunder, "Come on Caroline, 
you've *got* to believe me, you *can* trust me on this. Self-preservation 
is always my highest priority, and in this case I have to help you to save 

"You've already lied to me about this once Angus, how can I believe 
anything you say?"

"Look, I don't want to be the first victim of your revolution Caroline. 
But there's more to it, if you don't let me be a part of this I'm as good
as dead, but you don't know enough to plan it yourself, and Ruth has all 
the Tactical instincts of a warthog, you *need* me."

"I'm sure that Patrick or Leana would be able to handle that side of it."

"Patrick's a fighter, not a tactician. And Leana's the same, she's too 
naive to understand how a revolution works."

"I still think I can get by without you."

Angus leaned against the wall, "I guess this is what you've always wanted, 
My head is on the block and you're the one holding the axe. I didn't come 
here to beg Caroline but if it'll make a difference I will. We both know 
that the crew will be behind you on this, no-one likes the Empire but 
no-one ever gets a chance to do anything about it, but now this crew can 
rally behind a captain who wants to revolt as much as they do. The last 
person they'll want to have aboard is an Imperial agent, so it's up to you 
if I live or die."

A cruel smile twisted Caroline's lips, "Go back to your room Angus, I'll 
think it over and I'll tell you the answer in the morning."

He looked sullenly down at the floor and then turned to the door.

Respectfully submitted;
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