Subject: FRONTIER: Angus learns Bajoran

SD 80102

>"You said that you will have Q's head, I assume you know that he is 
>a being of considerable... talent."

>The baron laughed, "Pfaah! Be not over-awed with his parlour tricks, 
>you overestimate his power," he looked down at Angus with a glint in
>his steel-blue eyes, "Else you underestimate mine."

Angus chose not to comment on this statement and he decided to change 
the subject, "I'm not actually the leader of this group, he wasn't 
feeling very well this morning so I had to take over, so it may not be
me that you'll be speaking with tomorrow." Angus then noticed an 
ornate weapon holstered at the man's waist, he could have sworn it was 
a disruptor.

The baron stopped to open a door, "I don't repeat anything I say 
Angus, I have started to explain things to you so I shall finish 
explaining to you. Your leader is welcome to come along if he wishes, 
provided that he listens only and does not talk, I have my reasons 
which you may or may not find out later." He motioned Angus through 
the door, "This is the guests wing, your company has been accomodated
already and you will find food in your room." With that he turned and
closed the door, leaving Angus alone in the corridor.

Leana appeared at one of the doors wearing a silken robe, "Come on 
in, there's a hot bath and clean clothes waiting for you in here."

Angus walked into the room, there was a good fire burning in the 
hearth, and a copper bath sitting before it. He took off his plaid and
slipped into the steaming water, it soothed his muscles and his 
weariness left him, "they seem hospitable anyway."

Leana handed him a platter with a diversity of foods on it, "Yes, I 
think I could get used to this."

Angus chewed thoughtfully on a piece of unfamilliar meat, "I think the
baron of this castle knows our good friend Q."

"Worse luck for him, I wouldn't wish Q on my worst enemy."

"It seems that the baron has a significant amount of power as well, I 
mean, when I warned him about Q he just laughed. He had a very... 
frightening, look in his eyes. He also says that he knows who we are 
and where we've come from. That means that we can probably rule out
this being a game of Q's, this place *exists*, and Q has brought us
here for something. But what? This is all getting too big for me, Q 
has brought us and our mirror counterparts to a strange planet, on 
this planet is at least one being who is rather more powerful than Q 
himself, the planet appears to be in a middle-ages ethos, yet we find 
a flight recorder and the baron has a disruptor."

"Maybe Q did create this place, and the baron," suggested Leana.

Angus shook his head, "No, I think Q is too vain, too egotistical, to 
create a being greater than himself." He got out of the bath and dried
himself with a towel. "Maybe I should just leave it until tomorrow."

Leana undid her robe and let it fall to the floor, "Maybe you should."

Angus hesitated for a moment and looked at her. His eyes traversed the
course of her naked body from her slender legs and narrow waist, past
her small, shapely breasts to the aesthetic lines of her face and
finally to rest in her emerald eyes. He realised that what he was
feeling wasn't the primal lust that he had felt the first time he saw
her but altogether a deeper, yearning sensation. The thought of what
he was feeling frightened him, but despite himself he walked forward
and took her in his arms.

They stood together in each others embrace for what seemed like an 
eternity, Angus was reluctant to say what was on his mind and for 
Leana, being in his arms was enough.

After a while they sat opposite each other on the rug before the 
hearth, Leana was chanting something barely audible but the words were
lyrical and the tone musical.

As she reached the end of the chant Angus asked, "What were you 

"It's a Bajoran prayer," she answered.

"It's a beautiful language, you must teach me sometime."

"We can start now," she said, "just say what I say." She spoke briefly
in the same musical tone, and Angus repeated the words, trying hard to
form the soft accent. Leana smiled.

"What does that mean?" he asked.

"It means I love you," she replied.

Angus looked straight into Leana's eyes and spoke the sentance again, 
she put her arms about him and kissed him.

                       Respectfully submitted;
                        *  Allan MacLennan   *
                        *                    *
                        * [Lt.] Angus Murray *

          "Put your faith in God and keep your powder dry."
                           Oliver Cromwell

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