Subject: FRONTIER: The Future

Stardate: 71216.1727

>"Ah there you are, come join us..." the man said pointing to the 
>empty seats.

>"These are members of our *bounty hunter* group," Keanu said to the 

>The master looked between the identical twins, confusion spreading 
>across his face.

A guard entered from a small door in the corner of the large room. 
"Master there is a problem in the communication room!" he said.

The Master addressed the group. "I'm sorry but you have to go back to 
your rooms." 

The guard marched them back to their rooms. Keanu felt queasy so he 
decided to have a sit down on the bed. He closed his eyes.

<NRPG> Timeframe: 28 years after the first Frontier Mission <RPG>

Keanu opened his eyes, he found himself on the bridge of a starship. 
He looked to the ships dedication plaque, skimming over the text 
to find the ships name: 

              The United Confederacy Starship Arkansis
                  Confederation Registry CTC-6868-E 
                             Dyson Class
                        Oniacka III Ship Yards
                     Lutherdyne Propulsion Systems
                   Commissioned Stardate 151215.10
                    United Confederation Of Systems

                  StarFleet Command, Oniacka Sector 

"Sir, We are cleared for departure." 

Keanu looked towards the direction of the voice, a young female Trill 
turned to look at him. Keanu noticed she was half Bajoran. "Father?" 
she said.

The word hit Keanu like a brick *Father?* A hand landed on Keanu's 
arm, he turned "Keanu, is everthing okay?" It was Teri.

"Yes," Keanu thought then added, "go to internal power."

"Internal power, sir," answered the ensign.

"Deep Space Nine reports we are under our own power," reported the 
Trill at Ops.

"Clear all moorings, take us out," Keanu said as he turned to the 
computer terminal on the arm of his chair. Keanu opened the mission 
orders, {Cmdor. Maren, Keanu is to take the UCS Arkansis on a 
shake-down cruise to evaluate the crew and the new adapted Borg 
technology. The course of your ship is at your discretion. Good luck 
on your maiden voyage, signed Capt. Leana DeLias.}

"We are now clear of Deep Space Nine, what course sir?" asked the 
young Trill. 

"Your discretion, be... creative."

"Setting course for Trillia Prime, Warp 18." 

"We're going home Keanu," Teri said as the ship slipped into Warp.

Keanu thought, [Home, Trillia Prime, I've not been home in a long 
time.] "I'll be in my ready room." 

The doors opened into a small room, Keanu had a flash back to the 
Frontier. "Ramsay's ready room," he said. The room suddenly dissolved 
into Ramsay's ready room. "Computer, what just happened?" A female 
voice he recognised as Houston's answered. [The Holodeck environment 
reset at your command.]

"Reset to my ready room." The room reset. Keanu took a seat. The last 
thing he remembered was back on the Frontier mission, he was in a 
castle with Teri and the alternate crew of the Frontier.

Keanu closed his eyes, something brushed against his arm. He opened 
his eyes to find himself on his back on a hard bed. "Sorry did I wake
you up? You were dreaming."

"Yes I was... That was the weirdest dream I have ever had."

There was a sudden flash of light as Q appeared. "It was not a dream."

                       Respectfully submitted:

                             Dale Forster
                  [Lt.] Keanu Maren, CEO FRONTIER

                 "Evil is easy, and has many forms."

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