Subject: FRONTIER: Keanu Gets Laid (Again)

SD 71028

>"No, in fact, I thought you would never ask." She put her arms around
>him. Keanu felt the warmth of her body against him, even through his 
>cold clothes this felt good, very good. She leaned her head on his 
>shoulder and closed her eyes.

They sat like this for what seemed like hours, until Teri broke the 
silence. "Keanu, can I ask you a personal question?"

"Okay, what's the question?" Keanu said turning his head to face her.

"Is there... is there something, between you and Ishara?" she asked 
him, not looking into his eyes.

Keanu thought for a moment. "Why do you ask?" he replied.

"It's just that I heard someone talking in 2-Backward and..." 

Keanu interrupted her. "So you've heard about *that* too."

"Well is there?" she asked again.

"There was, but not any more. She... er... we.. no, not any more." 

"Good," she said pulling him closer to her, kissed him. Slipping her 
tongue into his mouth. Their passion flared, he circled his arms 
around her. As the kiss grew more intense, Teri felt her heart speed 
up, her breathing turn ragged. He slipped one hand under her white 
robe, cupped her breast.

Teri shivered. "Your hands are cold." 

"Sorry, can't help it," Keanu said apologising.

"Shut up, you'll wake the others," Teri said pushing Keanu to the 

Afterward, Keanu and Teri lay in a tangle of arms and legs. Teri said,
"I've never done this before."

Keanu smiled. "Really? Could have fooled me. You were terrific."

"Was I?"

"Well, not that I have had all that many girls to compare you to 
myself but, yeah, you were."

She laughed softly. "Good. I wanted to be, for you. I-well, I love 
you, Keanu." 

Keanu absorbed what she had said and let it sink in. "I'm glad. I love
you too, Teri."

Keanu leaned over to kiss her but stopped, "Did you hear something?" 

"No, it was probably just... the fire you heard," she said.

"Yeah, you're probably right," Keanu said looking around the 

Keanu stopped and sat still as he heard a . "You did hear 
that? Didn't you?" 

"Yes, what do we do?" she asked as they quickly put their clothes back

"Give me my Bat'telh," he said pointing to where his weapon lay. She 
handed it to him and she pulled her dagger from it's sheath.

They slowly walked towards the noise, there was another . They 
both stopped and decided to wait for whatever was out there, to come 
to them. 

Slowly it appeared. "A rabbit," Keanu and Teri let out a breath of 
relief. They walked back to the fire.

Just as Keanu was about to sit down, he felt a sharp pain in his neck.
He felt for the source of the pain, a dart. He pulled it out, but it 
was too late. He started to feel dizzy, his vision blurred, his legs 
gave way, as he lay on the ground near Teri who had also shared the
same fate, he thought he could see figures emerging from the woods
around the camp.


Keanu's head hurt, he tried to open his eyes. His vision was blurred, 
but he could still make out the shape of Teri on the floor next to 
him. His vision cleared some, *The drug must be wearing off,* he 
thought. he was in a small room with a door and window.

Teri started to stir. Keanu tried to stand, he was still feeling 
giddy. His head cleared a little. He stood, shook off the giddiness 
and walked towards the door in a not so straight line. The door was 
locked. Keanu then looked out the window, it was a *long* way down to 
the courtyard below.

"Where are we?" asked Teri as she pulled herself up to a kneeling 

"I don't Know, but we seem to be in a castle of some sort," Keanu 
replied shaking off the effects of acrophobia.

The door to the room opened, a Klingon and a Nausicaan entered. 
"Get up Hoo-manss. The master wantss you in the main hall now!" said 
the Nausicaan pushing Keanu out the door.

The Nausicaan lead the way with Keanu and Teri in the middle closly 
followed by the Klingon. They walked down a corrider that lead to a 
staircase. On the way down there where doors on either side evenly 
situated every five or so meters. Keanu and Teri entered the massive 
hall, a long dining table occupied most of the room. At the far end a
man wearing a knights armour, sat drinking from a goblet.

"Enter, strange ones, enter." He pointed towards two chairs next to 
him. "Please sit."

Keanu stood were he was. "The master said sit!" the Klingon forced 
Keanu to his knees, "When the master says sit, you sit." He kicked 
Keanu in the side. "Understand?"

"Now, now there's no need for violence. Now sit," said the person the 
guards called master.

Teri helped Keanu to his feet, and they sat at the table. "Who are 
you? Why have you brought us here? What have you done with our 
companions?" Teri questioned the master.

"In my home I ask the questions. Who sent you to spy on us?"

"We're not spies." Keanu thought for a second, "We're bounty hunters  
looking for jobs." Teri looked at Keanu with a worried look on her 

"Well bounty hunters, if you are as easy to catch as my men say, then 
you will be looking for a long time," said the master. "What is your 
name and what land do you call home?"

"My name is Maren, and this is my wife Blake," Keanu said. "We call no
land home. In fact, we do not even know what land this is. We were on
a ship, there was a storm and now we are here."

"This is the land of windgate. We are the Vartacks. My men found you 
along the border, on our enemys side. They are the Seotans. But you 
already know that, since you *are* spies." The master started to get 
angry. "Now who are you?"

Teri said, "Listen, my husband tells you the truth." 

The master seemed to accept her word. "So bounty hunter, you are 
looking for a job? You may have found one. But first, you will prove 
yourself." He handed Keanu a knife, as he nodded to the Nausicaan, 
"Kill him!"

"Yess, my master."

The Nausicaan walked slowly towards Keanu. Pulling a dagger from some 
hidden pocket, he taunted Keanu, "Now you die Hoo-man." He made a dive
for Keanu. Keanu saw it coming and moved out of the way, Kicking the
guard as he flew past.

"I'm not Human," Keanu said preparing for the next attack.

"No, you are dead." The Nausicaan growled, making another attack.

Keanu tried an old judo move he had been shown in a holodeck program.
The Nausicaan had been expecting it. He brushed this move aside, and 
tried to finish Keanu with a downward sweep of his blade. Keanu 
twisted his own blade back up, the knife embedded into its shoulder.
The Nausicaan screamed in pain. 

"Stop! There is no need to kill him," The master said, stopping the 
fight. "I am sorry, but I had to be sure you were not Seotan spies." 

"But how do you know?" asked Keanu.

"Seotans have blue blood," said the master, "You do not."

Keanu looked at the master, "How do you..." Keanu felt warm blood 
dripping from a small cut on his arm.

"Its only a small cut, you will be alright, unlike our enemies we do 
not poison our blades."

"That is not very wise, if my enemies used poison, so would I," Keanu 
said cleaning his wound. 

"So would I, but it is against our religion," replied the master.

"Now sit and eat." The master clapped his hands, three maids entered 
the room through a door behind a large tapestry. The maids carried 
trays of food and laid them in front of Keanu and Teri.

"What about our compainions?" Teri asked the master.

"They are being taken care of, now eat."


Ishara woke with a hell of a sore head. She found she was chained to 
a wall. The alternate Ishara, Teri and Keanu were in the room also 

"Does anyone know what happend?" Ishara asked.

"No, I was the first to wake, and we where all here, except Keanu and 
Teri," replied Keanu from across the small room.

"What do we do now? Just wait for someone or something to come and 
get us?"

"What else can we do, we're all chained to the wall."

"I may be able to get loose, this brick seems to be old, I may be 
able to work it loose," m-Teri said, she started to pull on the chain
where it was attached to the wall. After a long time the brick and 
chain eventually came loose. 

"Now lets see if I can get you loose," m-Teri said as she started to 
hit Keanu's chain with the brick. The chain slowly gave as it was 
continuously pummelled by the brick. The chain snapped with a large 

They heard footsteps outside the door. "Get ready to jump them when 
they come in," Keanu said.

They took up positions either side of the door. The door opened and 
two guards came in, they never knew what hit them. Keanu took the 
guards keys, letting the others out of the chains, they made their 
escape. Down the corridor they found stairs. They slowly made their 
way down into a massive hall. Keanu and Teri sat at a table eating 
with a man in knights armour.

"Ah there you are, come join us..." the man said pointing to the empty

"These are members of our *bounty hunter* group." Keanu said to the 

The master looked between the identical twins, confusion spreading 
across his face.

                       Respectfully submitted:

                             Dale Forster
                  [Lt.] Keanu Maren, CEO FRONTIER

                 "Evil is easy, and has many forms."

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