Subject: FRONTIER: The game's up

SD 71014

>"That should hold them off for as long as we need," Keanu said, 
>feeling a touch of pride at his idea.

>Leana relaxed visibly. "Anyone for a drink?" she asked.

Keanu looked at her, "How can you think of drinking at a time like 
this?" Keanu asked with concern.

"It's easy," Leana replied. "I've not had anything to eat for hours."

Keanu felt his stomach rumble, he hadn't eaten for hours either. With 
the adrenaline starting to subside he was rather hungry. Keanu went 
over to the replicator, "Larish pie, hot." A small dish appeard in 
the replicator slot.

"What's Larish pie?" asked Ishara.

"It's a... bit like a steak pie except it's Cardassian." replied 
Keanu. "Do you want to try it?"

"No thanks, I can't stomach Cardassian food." said Ishara. "Besides, 
I'm not hungry."

Leana ordered a Sem'hal stew, some Bajoran dish Keanu had never heard 
of. The forcefield over the door sparked as someone tried to walk 
through it. "We should try to formulate a plan of action," Ishara said
as Keanu and Leana sat down to their meals.

"I always think better with a full stomach," Keanu said. 

The light outside the windows seemed to get darker, "Did you see 
that?" asked Leana. 

"Yes," replied Houston, "the light dimmed in amplitude by 
approximately 12.74 percent." The star light outside elongated as the
ship jumped into warp.

Houston went over to the computer and punched up a schematic of the 
ship. "I have a plan. If we were to cut through that wall behind the 
bar, there should be a access tube leading to the transporter room."
Leana handed Houston her phaser. She aimed the phaser at the section 
of the wall, and fired. The wall started to turn red.


Angus and Leana shared a passionate embrace in darkness of the 
bedroom.  His jumpsuit was unzipped and the top half hung about his 
waist, she was in a similar state and she pushed Angus down onto the 
mattress as his communicator chirped, [Angus, I need to see you on the
bridge immediately.] 

Angus clenched his fists in frustration, "Damn!" he said, he tapped 
his comm-badge, "Yeowl herr feurher!" he snapped. 

[Cut the crap Earthman, this is important,] replied Patrick.

Angus stood up and sorted his uniform, "I'm sorry but we'll have to 
continue this later."

As he walked out the door Leana shouted after him, "I'll be waiting 
right here."

Angus ran to the turbolift and soon he was on the bridge, "What's the 
problem?" he asked.

Patrick was standing behind the Tactical console his brow creased with
concern, he spoke quietly as if not wanting anyone bar Angus to hear, 
"I've found a glitch in the long-range sensor array, it looks like it 
was configured recently, from on the bridge, but whoever did it 
covered their tracks pretty well so I can't tell who it was.  And to 
make matters worse we're getting power fluctuations all across the 

Angus nodded then asked quietly, "Do you have any idea at all as to 
who could have done it?"

"I have a couple of suspicions," he replied, "follow me." He turned 
and walked into the ready room with Angus in tow.

Once the door had shut Patrick sat down on the captain's seat and 
raised his feet onto the table.

"I think..." he thought for a moment, then seemed to deviate from the 
subject. "Have you noticed anything different about Leana recently?"

Angus seemed lost for words for a moment before replying, "Well... she
has been acting a little..." He was clearly uncomfortable about 
whatever he was trying to say, "She's been quite... She has been 
rather more enthusiastic about my company than normal," he finally 

"Anything else? Differences in mannerisms?"

"She isn't wearing the earring that she normally does if that's any 
help." Angus replied.

"A different earring? Are you sure?"

"Yes, positive."

"Then that means I'm right." Patrick seemed to be talking to himself.

"You are? About what?"

"It was just a wild guess at first but I think this proves it.  Angus 
you *are* aware of a parallel dimensions involvement in this Kzinti 
affair?" He continued before Angus could respond, "I think that 
somehow the *other* Frontier abducted the crew on the bridge while you
were all on the planet, and then replaced them with their alternate 

"That's an impressive theory, but how do you know? And what has 
Leana's earring got to do with it?"

"You may be aware that Leana and I were at the Academy together."

"No, I didn't..." 

Patrick cut him off in mid-sentence, "We can talk about it another 
time, this is important. That earring means more to her than life 
itself, it's the only thing her mother ever gave her.  Belive me, she 
only has that one earring."

"You mean..." 

Again Patrick cut him off, "She's not Leana.  Or at least not *our* 
Leana. I'm not sure about this, who was on the bridge while you were 
on the planet?"

"Leana, Houston, Keanu, Ishara and Cralk, so what do we do with them? 
How do we prove it for that matter?"

Patrick rubbed his chin thoughtfully, "Quite frankly dear Angus, I 
don't have a clue."


Joanna judged that her drinking companion had become quite pliable. 
As McVyker downed yet another glass of tampered drink she said, "Would
you like me to walk you back to quarters, Lieutenant?"

McVyker was momentarily confused, then she got the idea that maybe 
she'd had a bit too much to drink. "Sure, that would be great." Her 
mind was fuzzy with the alcohol; she still wasn't entirely sure *how* 
she had become drunk from drinking synthehol. It never occurred to her
that it had been tampered with.

Joanna grasped McVyker's hand across the table and helped her to 
stand. Then, supporting her with an arm across the back, they made 
their way to 2-Backward's exit.

The Bolian watched them leave with a puzzled expression on his face. 
He was sure there was something up with the replicator, but 
Engineering had already seen to it three times in as many days, and 
they hadn't been able to trace the fault at all.


McVyker collapsed into a chair on entering, dizzy and tired. She 
looked at the android with as much courtesy as she could muster and 
said, "I agree, your blonde hair is very nice and I'm sure Neil will 
be very pleased. Now, could you please leave so I can get some sleep?"
She closed her eyes and lay back in the chair. The door whooshed shut.

After a few seconds McVyker realised Houston was still in the room. 
She opened her eyes again to see the android sit down beside her. 
McVyker struggled with the alcoholic haze, trying to understand what 
it was that drove Joanna to ignore a request.

Houston placed a hand on her shoulder and said, "I thought we might 
get to know each other a little better." And then the android kissed 
her passionately on the lips, taking her completely unawares and aided
by McVyker's disorientation. She tried to push off Joanna but her 
co-ordination was screwed up.

The android was on top of her now, pinning her to the chair, slowly 
removing her jumpsuit. McVyker could feel her hands roam everywhere, 
and she felt revulsion towards this... how could she have called it a 

McVyker's body tensed for an opportunity to escape. Adrenaline flooded
her system, partially washing away the effects of the alcohol. She 
concentrated, every muscle straining to break Joanna's grip.

As Houston sat up suddenly to remove her own uniform, McVyker squirmed
out from underneath her and bolted for the door. She could hear the 
android utter a curse - something she'd never heard before - but ran 
down the corridor screaming with as much breath as her three lungs 
could supply.

At that moment the turbolift doors opened and Patrick and Angus 
emerged, the sight of McVyker screaming naked down the corridor 
alerting them immediately to the fact that all was not well.  Houston 
ran out of McVyker's quarters in pursuit of the terrified woman, 
Patrick sprinted towards the android.

When Houston saw him she braced herself for the impact, but she 
couldn't hope to resist the giant's momentum-aided charge and she was 
flung against the wall.

Leana came out of Angus' quarters wielding a phaser, watching Houston 
and Patrick grapple and waiting for an opportunity to fire at the 

Before such an opportunity arose Angus leapt on her, swiftly 
disarming her and sending the phaser clattering across the floor.  

She turned and punched him, putting him off balance long enough for 
her to get behind him and wrap her arm round his throat. 

He gagged for a moment and then threw himself back against the wall, 
Leana gasped and then bit Angus, hard.  She felt her teeth sink into 
the back of his neck, tasted the blood hot in her mouth, he yelled in 
pain and pulled himself away from her.  He spun round to face her and 
saw her teeth and lips wet with blood, a rivulet running down her 
chin, he reached up to the wound and felt the blood flowing from it.

Patrick still grappled with Houston, even with her android strength 
she could not push him back and her servos whined as she fed them 
more power. Patrick's jumpsuit strained under the pressure of his
muscles flexing until the seams at the shoulder gave way and ripped,
he pushed her back another step gaining new power seemingly from
nowhere and Houston realised with some disconcertion that she was
losing.  He had an immense advantage in size and weight.

She turned on her heel, trying to use his own strength against him but
he had expected a cheap shot like that and he twisted her arm round 
her back and Houston realised that unless she did something quick 
there was a good chance that he could do her serious injury.  She 
dropped to her knees and swiveled in such a way that Patrick flew 
across her shoulder but when she stood up to face him she found 
herself staring into a phaser emitter.  Ramsay had cottened on quickly
to the situation and had soon realised who was who.

By now, McVyker was curled up sobbing in the corner, her mind still 
fuzzy and unsure of what was happening.  The other crew who had heard 
the ruckus had come out of their quarters and were in the corridor 
trying to get to grips with what exactly was going on.

Angus sat on the ground, a trail of blood on the wall indicating where
he had slid into his slumped position, one hand pointing the 
previously discarded phaser at Leana and the other gripping the wound
on his neck.

Cralk, who had recently came from 2-Backward found himself standing 
against the wall alongside Keanu and Ishara with Patrick, his face 
like a thundercloud, covering them with a phaser.  Cralk was 
protesting ignorance to all that was going on but kept silent after a 
steely stare from Simony.


Kzark had vouched for Cralk's not being on the bridge and now that 
only left four together in the small cell in the brig.  Angus, his 
wound treated, and Patrick sat on the small table while Ramsay stood 
only inches from the forcefield looking from Leana to Houston to Keanu
to Ishara. "Well?" he repeated "Are you going to tell me what this is 
in aid of or do I have to extract it by other means?"

The prisoners conferred for a moment and then Leana walked toward the 
forcefield. "We'll tell you this much..." she began.

                       Respectfully submitted:

                           Allan MacLennan
                 [Lt.] Angus Murray, Tac/CSO FRONTIER

                             Dale Forster
                  [Lt.] Keanu Maren, CEO FRONTIER

                            Sam M. Edwards
                  [Captain] Will Ramsay, CO FRONTIER
                 [Cmdr] Caroline Ramsay, XO FRONTIER
               [LtCmdr] Joanna Houston, 2O/tCMO FRONTIER

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                           Oliver Cromwell

                 "Time is the fire in which we burn"
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