Subject: FRONTIER: Spot the differences (there should be three)

SD 71011

Will watched the starfield on the viewscreen, too absorbed to notice 
the change of shifts. It was several minutes before he realised that 
he too should be taking a break.

He looked around and addressed Patrick, "Mr. Simony, you have the 
bridge." Then he walked up and round to the turbolift.

"Deck Two," as the doors closed.

As the doors opened again, he saw the cheery face of his Academy 
friend again.

"David!" he exclaimed, and pumped the young man's hand for all it was 
worth. "You were on the Intrepid?"

"Yeah, I got the job I was looking for as well. And what about you? 
Last I heard you were a *counselor* on the Regent. No offence, but 
that's a bit of a deviation from your specialty."

Ramsay laughed and replied, "Well, your news is a little out of date. 
I was Ops Manager before I left the Regent. Now... well, you could say
I hit the jackpot."

"No kidding. How's it going with, uh..."

"Caroline?" finished Will. "We're married, she's expecting our first 

"You don't waste any time, do you? Well, I guess it'll be good for the
kid - if you'd left it a couple of decades you wouldn't be able to 
chase him round the garden without coughing and wheezing like a fat 
old man."

"And what makes you think I'll be fat and unfit in my old age?"

"Oh... just a hunch. See ya." He patted Ramsay on the abdomen as he 
continued down the corridor.

Will looked after the receding figure and muttered, "I'm in perfect 
shape." He looked down at his abdomen again, shook his head, and 
decided to visit the holodeck for a workout sometime.

In fact, now might be a good time. As he rounded the slight bend in 
the corridor, he cursed as he observed that all four partitions were 
occupied. Briefly Will looked over the booking roster; Joanna was in 
for another session with the hairdresser (oh bloody hell); someone 
else was scaling a sheer rockface in high gravity; a dubious program 
with privacy lock played in the next partition; and the last was showing
the Klingon homeworld (I *wonder* who that could be).

Ramsay returned down the corridor and entered his quarters. Upon 
entry, he noticed a strange fragrance, also the lights were out. He 
thought he saw someone moving in the room, but couldn't be sure.

"Lights," he said, and walked forward to let the patiently-waiting 
doors close. As he did so, Ramsay felt a wave of giddiness strike him.
He recovered and sat down in a chair to compose himself.

But he couldn't quite manage it; his vision swam, he heard noises 
which weren't there, prickling sensations flew across the skin on the 
back of his neck.

And then he saw Her, and all was clear.

She walked forward and took his hand. Powerless to resist, Will 
followed her through into his bedroom. A corner of his mind fought for
reason and order, but it was defeated countless times in the next few 

That corner of his mind could only watch on in horror as the remainder
of Ramsay was seduced by the powerfully suggestive drug. It made sure
to remember the face of the woman.

Time seemed to stand still as Will expertly but almost robotically 
made love to the woman whom he knew to be his transporter chief.

And when it was done, Katie Braun whispered in his ear, "That was the 
best time I've ever had, thank you. See you again soon." And then she 
was gone.

Will wouldn't be exactly sure it was a dream, but his prolonged sleep 
might help to convince him. Right now, his unconscious mind pined 
after the absence of Katie, a permanent effect of the drug which was 
still in his system.


Houston scanned the room as she entered, carefully adjusting her hair 
to make it look like it was new.

Of course, it wasn't - she'd set the holodeck for the exact time 
period required, then whipped off the wig with some gusto. Then she 
had looked in the hairdresser's mirror and sighed at the sight of her 
scrunched-up blonde hair. She'd managed to exceed the time required, 
just by brushing it back into shape.

Festore wasn't here. Just as well, she fancied a change tonight. Her 
eyes settled briefly on each of the patrons, then finally she walked 
toward the table where McVyker was sitting.

She'd studied up on each of the crew members. After sifting through a 
lot of information, Joanna found that alcohol would be just as 
intoxicating to McVyker as to most humanoids. Getting her to ingest it
would be a bit difficult, but not impossible. Especially with the 
amount of clearance Joanna possessed.

Houston sat down opposite McVyker and asked, "Would you care for a 
discussion and a drink?"


Keanu was alone. He told the others to go have a break, they had been 
working for two shifts so there was no objections. He opened a power 
conduit, he could feel the power surging through, to the systems the 
conduits supplied. "Just a few changes here, and a few changes there."
Keanu altered the power flow to some systems. He closed the panel as 
Kzark walked back into engineering. Keanu left and made his way to 

The doors opened, Houston sat at a table with McVyker. He walked over 
and sat down beside them, "Do you mind if I join you." 

"Not at all Keanu, not at all," said McVyker, she seemed somewhat 
intoxicated. "Do you want a drink?" asked Houston. 

"Sure, why not." Keanu took a deep long drink. "Not got anything 
stronger?" he asked as Houston gave him a long dark look. 

Houston started to speak Cardassian. "Take the hint, she's mine." 
McVyker looked on in confusion, not understanding Cardassian.

Keanu got up, and nodded to Houston. "Please excuse me, I have to see 
someone." Keanu walked to the door and headed down the corridor. A 
tall blonde woman was walking down the corridor. She was wearing a 
Starfleet uniform so he assumed she must be from the Intrepid. 

"Hi," she said as she walked past him towards the holodeck.

Keanu smiled, "Are you going to the holodeck?" he asked innocently. "Do
you mind if I join you?" 

"Sure, I was new on the Intrepid so I don't know anyone, I'd be glad 
to have some company," she replied.

"So would I. The name's Maren, Keanu Maren." They both entered the 
holodeck. Three of the rooms were being used. "What do you want to 
run?" Keanu asked the full blooded female.

"You don't mind if I pick?"

He shook his head.

"How about, the Spring Pools on Risa?"

Keanu smiled again. "Fine by me, but we will need a change of clothes 
so you better program them into it."


The track faded out over the speakers and Angus and Leana were left 
standing in the middle of his room in silence.

For a moment neither of them spoke, Angus finally broke the silence. 
"Would you like another drink?" he asked.

"Might as well," she replied. "A drink or two helps to... relax... 
the inhibitions, makes for a more settled atmosphere."

Angus ordered another round of drinks from the replicator, he handed 
one of the glasses to Leana and took a long draught from his own 

They finished the drinks and Angus studied Leana closely, her elfin 
features seemed to be complimented by her ridged nose.  Her clan 
earring glinted dimly in the half-light, he noticed at that point that
it was different to the earring she usually wore.  He assumed that she
would have more than one and so he disregarded that detail.

She looked up at him and kissed him, motioning him gently to the 

                       Respectfully submitted:

                           Allan MacLennan
                 [Lt.] Angus Murray, Tac/CSO FRONTIER

                             Dale Forster
                  [Lt.] Keanu Maren, CEO FRONTIER

                            Sam M. Edwards
                  [Captain] Will Ramsay, CO FRONTIER
                 [Cmdr] Caroline Ramsay, XO FRONTIER
               [LtCmdr] Joanna Houston, 2O/tCMO FRONTIER

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                           Oliver Cromwell

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