Subject: FRONTIER: Angus and Leana, vice-versa

SD 71001

Angus guided Leana to the small room that served as his office, once 
the door had hissed shut he put his phaser back into his belt.  He 
looked appraisingly at Leana for a moment and then pulled a chair out 
at his table, "Take a seat, please." She sat down.

"It's truly amazing, how astonishingly alike the two of you are, you 
have the same hair, the same exquisitely elfin features, and those 
same deep, emerald eyes."  

Leana remained tense, barely daring to breath.

"Please, relax.  I'm not going to torture you, or interrogate you."

"Why did you bring me here then?" she asked pensively.

He took a deep breath, "The captain's been feeling rather whimsical 
lately, and I decided to claim you for myself, I didn't want to expose
you to that... abomination.  I care too much about you."

Leana was obviously puzzled, and more than a little nervous, "What do 
you mean?"

"I'm referring of course, to the Leana from *this* side, but you are 
nearly the same person and I consider that to be enough.  So you might
as well relax, we may have to stay here some time."

"So, we just sit here?" 

"That's right."

Leana loosened visibly, "What happens to me then?"

"Well, once I've 'interrogated' you long enough, I guess I'll just 
rough you up a little and put you back in your cell with your friends.
Belive me I'm not looking forward to that part, there is a place and  
a purpose for violence, and for the most part I confess to being an 
unnecessarily violent person, but I would take no pleasure in harming a
beautiful young woman like yourself."

"Very considerate of you I'm sure."

"Tell me, what am I like on your side?"

"I don't really know either of you that well, but my Angus has some  
degree of dress sense."

Angus laughed, "Things are different here, you would probably go into 
shock if you could see what *you* wear on this ship, every man on 
board trips over his toungue when you walk past." He paused, "So does
the captain for that matter."

"I'm flattered, but what's so special about Ramsay?"

"Of course, you don't know.  On this side, Ramsay died some time ago, 
Caroline, his fiancee, is the captain of this ship."

"Yeah, they're married on my side."

Angus slouched in his chair, "On this side, the Government has her 
fooled into thinking that it was your side's Ramsay that killed her 
lover. He actually tried to defect to your side and he and the rest of
his crew died ramming one of the ships sent to pursue them, it was all
very hush-hush, but I have connections in high places so I can find
out these sort of things."

"So how come you don't tell her?"

"What? And ruin a perfectly good delusion? Far be it from me to do 
such a thing, besides, I want to see what she does when she gets her 
hands on your side's Ramsay."


Angus watched as smoke curled out of the hanger where the ruined 
Intrepid lay, he had been discussing the matter with Anne Festore and 
Johan Summerson, the Scharnhorst's captain, while the ship itself was 
being prep'd for take-off.

"With full life support in all the cargo bays the Scharnhorst can 
still only carry an extra one hundred and thirty personnel."

Angus turned to face Johan when he realised that he was talking, "So 
you can't take all the Intrepid's crew on board?"

"In a word, no," he replied.

Anne joined the conversation at that point, "That only leaves another 
ten, can't the Frontier carry that many?"

"It can indeed but I'll have to clear that with the captain, but I 
don't see why he wouldn't have the extra.  Make the necessary 
arrangements down here, I'll inform Ramsay."

With that Captain Festore turned and walked over to the rest of her 

Angus tapped his comm, "One to beam up."

He was surrounded by the swirling lights of the transporter and then 
materialised in the Frontier's transporter room.  

"Computer, locate Captain Ramsay."

[Captain Ramsay is on the bridge.] 

Angus went to the turbolift, "Bridge." The lift hummed for a moment 
before it came to a stop and the door opened.

He walked onto the bridge where Ramsay was engaged in an animated 
conversation with Houston, he politely interupted to give Ramsay the 

"Aye, we've got the room on board, and we haven't really got much 
choice, I'll go and make the preparations personally."  With that, 
Ramsay left the bridge and Houston sat down in the centre chair.

Angus walked up to his usual position behind the tactical console, 
Leana curled her arm around his waist and whispered something into his
ear, he reddened slightly and she strode into the turbolift.  Angus 
tugged at his collar and took several deep breaths.

The communication indicator on the panel lit up and a message scrolled
onto the screen, he it quickly and reported to Houston, "Commander, 
the Scharnhorst is prepared for launch and Ramsay is beaming on board 
with our extra personnel."

Houston nodded in aknowledgement, "Ishara prepare to leave orbit once 
the Scharnhorst is clear."

Ramsay then entered the bridge and Houston stood up and walked to Ops.
On the main viewer, the Scharnhorst climbed through the planet's 
atmosphere and took up a position relative to the Frontier.

"Did anything happen while we were away?" the captain asked.

"Negative captain," Houston replied.

At that point Keanu left the bridge and was immediately replaced by a 
sour-looking Kzark.

Angus also left his post, he had been ordered to clear out the brig of
the five Kzinti who were still locked up.

When he reached his small office, he tapped his comm, "Murray to 
Braun, lock onto the Kzinti in the brig and beam them to the cells in
their base."

The prisoners disappeared in a swirl of lights, and then Angus lowered
the security field over the cell.

At that point Leana walked into the brig, she took a seat by the small

Recalling what she had said earlier Angus turned to face her, "Tell 
me," he said, "on the bridge, what brought that on?"

"I thought you might like that," she replied innocently.

Angus flushed slightly, "Well, I wouldn't say no, but I didn't realise
you felt that way."

Leana had been under the impression that they were as closely involved
on this side as they were on her own, she now realised that this 
assumption had been a mistake and that she would have to try and 
redeem the situation to prevent suspicion.

"Well, we haven't been moving that fast but I thought we could take 
things a little further."

Angus raised an eyebrow, "A little?"

It was Leana's turn to blush, "I suppose it is a little too early."

Angus grinned, "Yeah, we should at least wait until this shift is up."

Leana stood and walked towards him, then she placed her hands either 
side of his head and kissed him soundly on the lips. For a long time.

Angus gasped, and took a deep breath, "Later then?"

Leana shot him a wicked grin, "Later."  She turned and left the brig.

        Respectfully submitted
                Allan MacLennan
                [Lt.] Angus Murray

"A man who wins reknown will prosper among any people"
        from Beowulf

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