Subject: FRONTIER: A call to arms

SD 70915

Angus made his way along deck two to the sickbay, he didn't think he'd
be able to concentrate properly until he knew how his friends were 
doing.  When he arrived he noticed that Houston as well, was now 
occupying one of the beds.

Sampter then walked up to him, "Angus, Keanu's back aboard the ship 
now, he was in here a while ago, he's okay and he's back in his 
quarters with his lady friend from engineering."

"How are things between you and Sykes?" Angus inquired.

Sampter frowned, "I'm in a good mood at the moment Angus, and I'd like
to stay that way, don't even mention Sykes's name in here."

"I'm sorry, I thought things might have improved between you."

"They haven't," she replied, "Now if you'll excuse me I have work to 
do."  With that she turned and went into her office.

Angus carried on to the beds where the casualties from the earlier 
mission lay.  Patrick was still unconscious, he lay immobile on the 
bed with his feet dangling over the end, they just hadn't been made 
for people of his size.  Also, Angus noticed a large scar running from
his forehead to his jaw, obviously a quick brush with the protoplaser 
hadn't mended the cut completely.

        Louise was in a similar condition by now, all her wounds had
been healed but she would take some time to recover from the damage
they had caused.  He turned lastly to Leana, she was awake and in a
sitting position, she was still pale but otherwise she seemed fine.  

"Are you feeling any better?" he asked.

She nodded, "I don't get so dizzy when I stand up now."

"Can I get you anything?  A drink perhaps?"

She was about to reply when Ramsay's voice came over the comm, 
[Murray, report to the bridge immediately, something important has 
come up.]

Angus tapped his communicator, "Acknowledged." he said "I'll be there 
in a minute."  He then turned to Leana, "We'll have to save that drink
for later."

She smiled at him, "It's a date." 

Angus then left the sickbay and ran along the corridor towards the 
turbolift, he entered and was soon joined by Caroline who had just 
left her quarters, when she was in, Angus told the lift to go to the 

Almost as soon as they shut the lift doors opened onto the bridge and 
Angus saw Ramsay outside the conference room, he and Caroline entered 
the room and sat in their places along with some of the others who had
already arrived.  A couple of minutes later Sykes walked in followed 
by Ramsay who addressed the others without pause.

"Some very grave news has come to light regarding the appearance of a 
threat which we had not anticipated.  Some of you may be aware of a 
parallel dimension which we call the Mirror universe," a few of the
officers nodded slowly, "Lieutenant Maren has just given me
information which suggests that they may be operating in this sector, 
if so, then we are in a lot more trouble than we previously thought,
and we must take immediate action, the operation to take-over the
Kzinti base is to be taken forward and we will begin as soon as we 
can make preparations."

He hesitated slightly to let all that sink in, "Any questions?" he 
asked, no-one offered any, "Then let's get off our arses and stop just 
talking about it, Angus assemble all able personnel in the transporter
room and issue weapons, I'll assign a skeleton crew to remain aboard. 
Sykes, Sampter, prepare some field med-packs and Caroline, put the 
kettle on." 

Caroline was momentarily confused.

"I was kidding.  Move it people, we haven't got all day."  

Angus stood up and went to leave the room but before he could, Ramsay 
stopped him, "Make sure you leave me two engineers, someone who can 
fly the ship, someone to fire the guns and someone to give them all 
orders.  And make sure at least one of them is qualified to look 
after the injured."

Ramsay then left for the transporter room.  Angus remained on the 
bridge for a moment, he tapped his comm, "Murray to Leana," he said.

[Leana here, what can I do for you?]

"The ground assault has been moved forward, you're at the tactical 
console I'm afraid, there's no-one else suitably qualified or 
conscious enough," he replied.  He stepped into the turbolift and came
out on deck 3, he activated the open comm circuit, "Red alert, all
crew to the transporter room, repeat, all crew to the transporter
room." At that point Cralk, Ishara and Kzark came down the corridor
from engineering to the 'lift.

"What's up?" Ishara asked.

"Can't explain right now, Ishara. You're at the conn until we get 
back. Cralk, take engineering on the bridge. Kzark, stay in Main 

The Vulcan and the Bolian entered the turbolift and Angus headed into 
the brig.  He walked up to the arms cabinet in the wall and keyed in 
the security code, the door flipped open to reveal a multitude of 
phasers and phaser rifles.

When Angus finally arrived in the transporter room there were twenty 
personnel ready to beam down to the planet.

Ramsay hed previously called Anne and informed her of the impending 
attack so by the time all the Frontier's crew had arrived on the planet
her people were already prepared.

Within fifteen minutes a plan had been arranged and they had began to 
advance towards the base in a dispersed formation.

Respectfully submitted
        Allan MacLennan
        [Lt.] Angus Murray

"A man who wins renown will always prosper among any people."
        from Beowulf 

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