Subject: FRONTIER: Torture

SD 70831

>The troops carried on down the corridor. Keanu slowly moved 
>the other way and around the corner and hit something. There was a 
>sudden burning pain, then blackness.

Keanu woke to find himself in extreme pain. He was in a detention 
cell, he was still wearing his white jumpsuit but all the cloaking 
parts were missing leaving holes in it.

He pulled himself up from the hard bunk. There was a door in the 
corner of the room, Keanu walked over to it and walked straight into 
a force field.

The door opened and two Kzinti guards entered the small room followed
by Angus Murray and Patrick Simony.

"So you're awake then," said Angus. "That means we can start now."

"Start what now?" Keanu replied nervously looking between Angus and 
Patrick. He noticed there was something amiss here, these didn't seem 
to be the people he knew.

Angus was toying with a small device in his hands, "I have a few 
questions to ask you."  He grinned.

"Who are you? What sort of questions, any particular subject, or just 
general knowledge?" 

"I see you have a sense of humour Mr Maren, I find that makes an 
interrogation so much more pleasurable.  However, I am not here to 
answer questions but to ask them.  You can begin by telling me the 
location of your ship."  

Keanu's expression was grim, "Sorry, but thats not possible, you'll 
get my name, rank and number nothing more." 

Angus shook his head, "You must have misunderstood me, that was not a 
request." He motioned with his hand and the two Kizinti guards grabbed
Keanu roughly and forced him onto the bed, they put restraints in 
place and then stood back.  Angus then stepped forward and placed the 
device on Keanu's forehead, he pressed a sequence of buttons and a 
quiet hum emanated from the box.

Keanu felt a small tingling sensation throughout his body. He felt an 
unbearably painful sensation, growing in intensity, in his head.
He screamed out in agony as the pain built up, and then as suddenly as
it began, it stopped.

Angus laughed briefly and then produced another of the devices and 
placed it on Keanus abdomen, he pressed the buttons and it too began 
to whine. "What sort of pain resistance does the slug have?" he asked.

Keanu screamed again, then the device on his head also activated, the 
feeling was beyond pain, Keanu screamed until his lungs burned with 
the effort.

I love writing these parts, it gives my psychosis a chance to run 
wild.<G>  (AM)

Once again the torture stopped and Keanu gasped for breath, he felt as
if his nerves were aflame, "The ship is cloaked in orbit."

Angus smiled, "You're only making this harder for yourself, I know 
that you won't crack that easily.  Patrick, put the power level up to 
two.  Now, I'll give you another chance, where is the ship?"

"Ok. You win, it's behind the second moon of this planet." Keanu said 
throught the pain he was still experiencing.

Angus smiled, "Nice try Mr. Trill.  Patrick, level three please."

Two hours later

Keanu's nerves were aflame. He was not sure how long he could take 
this pain, he was up to level five now and the amount of time the 
device was on increased each time, it now lasted for 15 seconds.

Through clenched teeth Keanu managed to say "Wwwwwhhhheeeeennnnnnn 
aarreee yyooouuu gggoooiiinnnngggg tttoooo sstttoooopppp!!! 
Yyyyooouu'lllll gggeeettt nnnootthhiinngg ffrroomm mmeeeee!"

Angus sighed, this prisoner was becoming tedious, he removed the 
devices and released the restraints, "Patrick, I'll be back in ten 
minutes, try and encouage him to talk while I'm gone."

With that, Angus and the two Kzinti guards left the room.

Patrick flexed his muscles, he walked over to Keanu and grabbed him  
roughly by the throat and lifted him so they were looking eye-to-eye. 
"You have one last chance to make this easy on yourself Keanu, I'd 
take the opportunity."

He dropped Keanu to the floor and kicked him savagely in the ribs.  
"Talk to Angus when he comes back, then you'll get off lightly, but if
you refuse to co-operate you'll find that he's not as forgiving as I 
am."  He picked Keanu off the floor and punched him off the face.

Ten minutes later

Angus walked through the door to see Keanu lying in a crumpled heap on
the floor, one of his eyes was going an unhealthy black colour and he 
was covered in bruises.  Patrick was sitting on the interrogation 
table with a slightly despondent look on his face, "He didn't want to 
talk at first, but I think I've brought him round."

Angus turned again to Keanu. "Well?" he asked.

Keanu pulled himself up, and wiped blood from his face with his torn 
sleeve. "The ships in low orbit around the moon. But it won't matter 
she'll be gone by now."

"Patrick, go and confirm that with Ms. Elliot, I have something to 
attend to." He turned and left the room.  Patrick followed him shortly
and then Keanu was left alone.

*Got to get out of here,* Keanu thought to himself, he tried to stand 
up, a sharp pain shot through his ribs. There was an air duct over the
bunk. *Thats my way out of this place.* He climbed on the bunk, once 
again the pain flared in his ribs. The duct led to a large hanger area
where a Federation starship was being held. It was the Intrepid.

Keanu climbed a ladder on the far side of the hanger. At the top he 
ran to the ridge and started to climb towards the trees, the ground 
was waterlogged. *Must have been a storm,* he thought. Keanu reached the
trees and tripped over a corpse that resembled a large dog. Next to it
was a dead body wearing a Starfleet uniform and a commbadge.

Keanu took the commbadge. "Keanu to Frontier, emergency, one to beam 
up." Keanu's voice came out as a hoarse whisper. Pain shot through his 
body as the transporter beam engulfed him and he was in the 
transporter room on the Frontier. Keanu collapsed on the floor.

"Medical emegency, medical team to the transporter room."

Within a few seconds Sykes and Sampter arrived and carted Keanu off to

                       Respectfully submitted:

                             Dale Forster
                  [Lt.] Keanu Maren, CEO FRONTIER
                 "Time is the fire in which we burn"
                          Dr. Tolian Soren                            
                            Also starring
                           Allan MacLennan
                 [Lt.] Angus Murray, Tac/CSO FRONTIER
                    as the alternate Angus Murray

          "Put your faith in God, but keep your powder dry."
                           Oliver Cromwell

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