Subject: FRONTIER: The Invisible Man

SD 70821

>"Come in," Keanu said in response. The ensign entered with her arms 
>laden with equipment. "Right, let's get to work Ensign Blake."

>"Call me Teri," she said as they started to assemble the equipment 
>into the personal cloak.

After a long two hours trying to get the cloak working it was almost 
finished. Teri's comm activated, [Ensign Blake, report to the Captain's
ready room.]

Keanu looked up, *Perfect timing* he thought to himself as a grin grew
across his face. "Here this is finished, why don't you go and put it 
on and give the Captain a surprise by decloaking in his ready room."

Teri looked at the white material on the table, went into the adjacent 
room to put it on and returned a few seconds later. Keanu could not 
help notice how tight fitting the white garment was.

"So how do you turn this thing on?" Teri asked "And more importantly 
how do you turn it off?"

Keanu walked over to her, "It is activated by applying pressure to the 
area where your commbadge would be, if you had a standard uniform 
on." Keanu went to press her tight white bodysuit just over her 
left breast but stopped, realising it was inappropriate. Teri grinned 
and pressed the area he had specified.

"What's wrong? Nothing's happening," Teri said with a note of concern
in her voice.

"It has to adjust for each individual per..." he never said the rest
of the sentence. Teri started to shimmer and then phase out like a
holodeck program being terminated. Keanu watched as his door opened  
and then closed again. *This I have got to try.*

In Engineering

Kzark sat at his console monitoring some readouts on the warp core as
his duty shift came to an end. "Computer, how long since the start of 
the new shift?" 

[Beta shift started five minutes, twenty three seconds ago.] 

"Where is my replacement?" Kzark was starting to get angry when 
Ishara walked in holding a Vulcan male's hand.

"Sorry I'm late..." He looked at Ishara "I was held up."

"It had better not happen again Vull-khan," Kzark hurriedly walked 
out of engineering.

Keanu's quarters

Keanu took the second suit and changed into it. He activated the 
device by pressing where his comm should be. *Damn he was missing his 
Starfleet-issue commbadge*. A few seconds the room seemed to go out of
focus then back again.  He looked at his hands, he could still see 
them. He walked over to the mirror, no reflection. He moved towards 
the door, the sensor didn't pick him up so he had to press the button.
*Good,* he thought, *the sensors don't pick me up.* His door closed, he 
walked towards the turbolift. A door down the corridor opened, Sykes 
head popped out, making sure the corridor was clear. He thought it 
was so he slipped out. Boy was he wrong. Keanu was about to carry on 
then he remembered that they were not Sykes quarters. Sykes vanished 
around the corner. The turbolift opened as a young blonde ensign 
stepped out, Keanu stepped in.

"Deck 4," Keanu said to the computer, no answer. "Computer, deck 4."
Keanu thought for a moment, *Of course it can't hear me*. Keanu pressed
the button.

The door opened on deck four, a Ferengi ran in. He touched the cloak 
field. A large electrical discharge hit the Ferengi in the chest, 
Kzark was flung against the turbolift wall. Keanu's field phased on and 
off then on again. He deactivated the cloak, the Ferengi jumped up in 
surprise as Keanu decloaked in front of him. 

"Are you alright Kzark?" Keanu asked with concern, "you were hit 
with an electrical discharge from my cloaking device." 

Kzark looked angry with Keanu. "I'm sorry if I hurt you, you should go 
to sick bay." 

"Yes, sickbay," Kzark said as he stepped out of the turbolift. Keanu 
went to the conference room for the briefing.

Keanu was orderd to beam down to the planet and scout out the base and
report back in two hours. Keanu went to the transporter room.

Transporter Room 1

Katie Braun was on duty. "Beam me down just outside the base."

"Yes sir," Katie answered. Keanu stepped onto the transporter pad.

"When Lt.Cmdr Houston is ready to beam down, tell her that Ensign 
Blake has her suit. Energise when ready."

"Energising," Katie said before the room around Keanu dissolved and the
Kzinti planet materialized before him.
Keanu activated his cloak and pulled out his tricorder. The base was 
about a hundred meters north of his position, he started walking.

There was a door on the south side of the base, that was where he
would enter for a quick look around then back to the ship for early 
breakfast with Teri Blake.

There were two Kzinti guarding the door. *Are they to stop people 
getting in or people getting out?* Keanu thought as he noticed how 
heavly armed they where. Keanu walked up between the two guards and 
pressed the button he hoped would open the door. The door slid 
upwards at an alarming rate, the two Kzinti turned to see how was 
comming out. Keanu slipped in the door and waited for it to close.

"Stupid door, the sensors must have picked us up. Better call a repair
crew, but if it is broken YOU get the trip to the Agonizer..." the 
door closed and Keanu could not hear what the two Kzinti guards said 
after that.

"What's an agonizer," Keanu said to himself as he started scanning the 
base to construct a plan of attack for the upcoming battle.

Keanu continued scanning until he heard noises coming towards him, 
he pressed himself up against the wall so no one would brush against 
the cloak field and give away his cover. The noises grew louder then 
he could see the source of the noise. A squad of troops dressed for 
battle. The troops carried on down the corrider, Keanu slowly moved 
the other way and around the corner and hit something. There was a 
sudden burning pain, then blackness.

                       Respectfully submitted:

                             Dale Forster
                  [Lt.] Keanu Maren, CEO FRONTIER

                 "Time is the fire in which we burn"
                          Dr. Tolian Soren

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