Subject: FRONTIER: 2-B or not 2-B

SD 70804

Houston made her way to 2-Backward after the briefing. She was due 
some off-duty time, and Neil would undoubtedly already be there.

As she walked in, he was sipping a clear liquid from a glass, a 
tired look deepening the lines of his face. When he caught sight of
her, his expression immediately lightened. Joanna had observed that 
women had this unique effect on men, and it followed the basic 
principle; that after a hard day's work, a man liked the company of a 
beautiful woman to cheer them up.

She sat down, flicked a lock of hair back from her face, and reached 
for his hands across the table. Gauging the temperature, she judged 
him to indeed have been working hard today.

As if on cue, Neil said, "That captain is a real slavedriver. Wants 
everything done yesterday. I'm not surprised, he was an engineer 
before he came here, I'm told. But he's got ability, I'll give him 
that." He was glancing at her closely, as if studying some aspect of 
her in detail.

Joanna attempted to discern what he found to be of such great 
interest. Unable to find any such thing, she asked, "Is something 

Hesitantly he replied, "Wellll.... I just thought maybe you'd like to 
try a different hairstyle. No offence, but it does look a little.... 

She hadn't considered this before; no-one had really commented on it 
until now. She glanced around the lounge at the various other females,
noting a large variety in style. One which seemed especially 
aesthetically pleasing, was the one which Leana DeLias sported. It was
of great interest to many of the male populace of the lounge.

Angus walked into 2-Backward and looked around for a table to sit at, 
at one table Patrick was talking to McVyker, K'Ich Pa and other 
assorted female members of the crew who seemed somewhat taken with the
big man.  At another table Leana and Caroline were talking to a 
predominantly male audience and their conversation seemed to be    
in-depth on hair(?).

After a moments pause he decided to go and sit beside Keanu who was 
tapping feverently at a PADD.  He went to the replicator and ordered  
(nrpg: try and guess. rpg) a Trixian Bubble Juice.  He pulled out a 
seat and looked at the PADD. "What are you up to?" he asked.

"I'm working on my personal cloaking device, so that we can get into 
the Kzinti base undetected," he replied.

Angus studied the design for a moment and then pointed to one of the 
diagrams, "That bit won't work," he said. "You'll need a phase buffer 
on this modulator, otherwise you'll blow the whole transducer assembly

Keanu made a few alterations to his schematic and then switched off 
the PADD.  "Are you all prepared?  Big day tomorrow," he said.

Angus sipped his drink, "Quite frankly I hope this is a long night, I 
want to make a lot of preparations, and I have a security briefing to 
do, we've been given the task of scouting the perimeter of the complex
while you're skulking around inside."

"Well it'll be long, I've got to get this thing ready for tomorrow
morning. Then there's still repairs to be done in Engineering on some
of the minor systems. But right now I have to get some sleep so I'll
see you later," Keanu got up and made his way to the door.

Angus drained his drink, then stood up and made his way to his room to
prepare himself for the next day.  He arrived outside his room and, 
remembering the last occasion, stepped tentatively towards the door. 
The door refused to open and Angus jabbed at the control to open the 
door.  He stepped inside and sat at his desk, "Computer, let's have 
some music, Wagner, random selection."  A vibrant composition came 
over the speakers and Angus felt much more at ease, he turned on his 
computer and began to organise plans for the landing tomorrow.

Three hours later 

At last he was satisfied with his briefing and he turned off the 
computer, he stopped the music and then lay down on his mattress.  
From the next room he could hear strains of music which he recognised
as a flute, coming from Patrick's room.  He recalled that Patrick had 
told him that he liked ballet and tried to remember which one that 
tune belonged to.  After a few moments he came to the conclusion that
it was Patrick himself who was playing the music, he wondered if his 
friend had deliberatly chosen to play an instument that so blatently 
contrasted his appearance.  After listning for some time, he suddenly 
felt his beloved eight hours calling him, and he fell asleep.

After Keanu left 2-Backward, he made his way to Main Engineering to 
collect some parts. The turbo lift seemed to take ages to arrive to 
take him down to the next deck. Main Engineering seemed quiet after 
all the work that had been going on in the last few hours, two 
engineers were on duty one was a Ferengi *thats odd - a Ferengi in 
StarFleet* Keanu thought to himself. The other looked like a human 
from behind, he walked around the master display moniter and noticed 
she was a Bajoran. He handed her his PADD, "Could you replicate these 
parts and bring them to my quarters?" 

"What are they for sir?" the female said.

"Just somthing I'm working on for the captain," Keanu answered. "Bring 
them to my quarters when your done." Keanu left Engineering with the 
Ferengi's eyes burning into his back. He entered his quarters and 
cleared his table.

Ten minutes later the door chimed.

"Come in." Keanu said in response. The ensign entered with her arms 
laden with equipment. "Right, lets get to work Ensign Blake."

"Call me Teri," she said as they started to assemble the equipment into 
the personal cloak.

                       Respectfully submitted:

                           Allan MacLennan
                 [Lt.] Angus Murray, Tac/CSO FRONTIER

                             Dale Forster
                  [Lt.] Keanu Maren, CEO FRONTIER

                            Sam M. Edwards
                  [Captain] Will Ramsay, CO FRONTIER
                 [Cmdr] Caroline Ramsay, XO FRONTIER
               [LtCmdr] Joanna Houston, 2O/OPS FRONTIER

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                           Oliver Cromwell

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