Subject: FRONTIER: Away team beams down

SD 70728

>Ramsay thought for a moment before replying, "You're probably right, 
>engineering's fairly crowded already.  Permission granted."  He then 
>stood up himself, "Conference over, I have people to brief and warp 
>engines to fix." 

>And with that, the conference came to an end.

The away team gathered in the transporter room, the team stood on the 
transporter pad. "Energise," said Houston. The team dissolved in 
towers of dazzling light.

Keanu looked ahead as the planet solidified around the team, to his 
right was Angus with his tricorder in one hand and a phaser rifle in 
the other, to his left Leana with her phaser rifle.  Houston looked at
her tricorder, "There is a faint subspace signal four hundred meters 
that way," pointing her hand to indicate the direction. Keanu looked  
at his tricorder and scanned for the signal. The signal was getting 
stronger the closer they moved towards it through the trees. Houston 
stopped and looked at her tricorder again, moving it towards the 
ground. There was a Starfleet commbadge on the ground next to her 
feet, it's protective cover had been damaged.

Keanu picked it up. "The covers damaged, it was automatically activated
to help the owner be found in the event of an accident."

Angus looked around the trees, his tricorder stared to chirp. "I've got
movement, felinoid lifeform 20 meters and closing, arm your phasers 
to stun." Everyone looked in the direction Angus aimed his phaser. The
security team slowly moved forward.

Ensign Phil, one of the ship's science officers, moved towards the
trees when a Kzinti warrior rushed over the small hill between them,
its phaser firing. Ensign Phil was hit in the head and Keanu turned in
time to see him scream as he was vaporised.

Angus and Leana returned fire simultaneously hitting the Kzinti in 
the body, it dropped on the spot.  Angus tapped his wrist, "Murray
to Braun, lock on to the Kzinti in front of me and beam it to the 

[Yes sir, energising.] The Kzinti disappeared.

Keanu looked at Houston, "There's a power emission coming from a 
mountain range about 5 kilometres to the east.  My tricorder is having
some trouble scanning that area, it may be natural but it may be 

Angus said, "It may be wise to have a look around that area."

"Agreed," Houston said. They started to move towards the mountains.


Keanu turned and looked at Angus, "The power emissions were coming 
from just over this ridge."

Angus nodded, "Everyone be prepared."

The four of them slowly moved up to the ridge and gasped in amazement 
at what was before them.

Leana was the first to speak. "It looks like the planetary ship yard 
back home on Bajor."

"Yes, I think you are right Lt. Delias," said Houston.

"Look down there. It looks like Starfleet officers being taken from
that ship," Angus said as they all looked to see.

"Yes they're Starfleet alright, but what do we do about it?" 
questioned Leana.

"We go in and we get them out!" Keanu replied.

                       Respectfully submitted:

                             Dale Forster
                  [Lt.] Keanu Maren, CEO FRONTIER


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