Subject: FRONTIER: Out of the danger zone

SD 70726

>Angus smiled but he knew that they weren't out of the soup until 
>their warp power was restored.

All the non-bridge crew began to filter out of the bridge leaving only
the officers, Caroline stayed in command after Will had decided to 
remain in engineering to help with the warp engines.  

After an agonisingly long time his voice came over the comm, [I've 
managed to restore warp but I'm afraid it's only a paperclip and 
elastic band repair, I can't guarentee that it'll last any time but 
it's all we've got so use it.]

A series of bleeps and whistles broke out from Angus' console, 
"They're powering up their forward weapons array, we need to get out 
of here, like... now."

Caroline swiftly responded, "Ishara, set course zero-two-five mark 
zero-eight-zero, maximum warp, punch it."

They felt a shock as the Kizinti ships tractor beam struck and 
attemped to lock on.

Angus worked furiously to break the grip, "They have a hold on us, I'm
firing phasers."  The pulsed blasts raked the ship, the tractor beam 
emitter was torn to shreds and with their hold released the FRONTIER 
shot into warp speed.  

The ride was far from smooth as the ship fled the Kzintis and before 
long Will was once again on the comm, [The warp engines are straining,
try and find a class-M planet where we can effect major repairs. There 
is a lot that needs to be done and I want to be near a matter source. 
And I want a senior officer conference as soon as we are in orbit.]

After half an hour they dropped out of warp and went into standard 
orbit over Ross 168, an uncharted class-M world.  

Conference room

When the senior officers had assembled only six of the twelve seats 
were occupied, Dr. Sykes and K'Ich Pa were both in sickbay tending to 
the casualties and the chief engineer was missing.  

Ramsay addressed those present, "We are going to have to remain in 
orbit for around three days to effect full repairs on the ship, she 
has taken one hell of a kicking and I think it pays testimony to her 
that we're all still alive.  We have a big problem in that our chief 
engineer is missing since the boarding, after his performance I think
that Keanu has qualified himself to fill the vacancy.  As for the new 
science officer I think that that decision would be best left to 

Keanu nodded, "I've already given some thought to the matter and I 
think that Kesrick Terulus would be the ideal candidate.  He's 
probably the best in the department and I notified him earlier that he
would be in charge."

At that very moment the aforementioned officer spoke over the comm, 
[Captain you might want to hear this, we have picked up a very faint 
subspace beacon, similar to that of a Starfleet comm-badge.]

Ramsay turned to Houston, "Select an away team, I want you down on the
planet's surface inside an hour." He tapped his comm badge, "Braun, are
the transporters functioning yet?"

[They took a lot of damage but they're alright now,] her voice 

"Houston," Ramsay continued, "investigate the subspace signal, if it 
is a comm-badge this may be where the crew of the ships are being 
held.  The team must be well armed, Mr Murray that's your department, 
choose your security team and have them ready for a full briefing in 
thirty minutes."

"Sir," Angus interrupted, "while we're all here I want to draw an 
important matter to your attention, Leana and myself were running 
through the boarding earlier and we made some interesting finds.  
Firstly there is the events before we were boarded, when passing the 
Kzintis listning post all of our systems powered up to full, unusual 
unless a primary system diagnostic is initiated.  Then there was the 
shields failing during the combat, they didn't *fail* as such, they 
were put down to standby.  And the knife damage in engineering, none 
of the Kzinti were armed with bladed weapons, I checked this myself."

"Where is this leading Mr Murray?" Ramsay inquired, "We're on a tight
schedule just now."

"Okay I'll go straight to the point, I think that Elliot may have been
sending her postcards to the other side of the border, if you get my 
drift sir."

"Are you suggesting she was a traitor?" Ramsay seemed unconvinced, 
"I'm afraid that's not possible, all the crew were hand picked, 
Starfleet Command dosn't even know about us!  Only two people were 
briefed on this mission before we launched."

"All the same sir, my theory stands," Angus continued and handed 
Ramsay a PADD. "This is the flight recorder readings during the 
incident, as you can see no-one beamed into engineering before Braun 
set up the blocking routine, yet one person beamed out of engineering 
and Elliot is the only crewmember not accounted for."

Ramsay lay down the PADD, "You have a point here, I want you to 
organise routine security patrols throughout the ship, we can't risk 
this happening again if there's another on board."

"Aye aye sir, I'll set Simony onto it straight away, and now I'm off 
to get my team." Angus stood up and left the conference room and 
Houston followed shortly after.

Keanu then stood up as well, "Permission to join the away team 
Captain.  It won't help having one extra pair of hands in engineering 
right now, I think I'd be of more use on the planet."

Ramsay thought for a moment before replying, "You're probably right, 
engineering's fairly crowded already.  Permission granted."  He then 
stood up himself, "Conference over, I have people to brief and warp 
engines to fix." 

And with that, the conference came to an end.

Respectfully submitted
        Allan MacLennan
        [Lt.] Angus Murray CSO/Tac FRONTIER

"Put your faith in God, but keep your powder dry."
        Oliver Cromwell


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