Subject: FRONTIER: The counter attack

SD 70724

>"They wouldn't think it was a torpedo, right?" finished Caroline. 
>"Plus they're concentrating on boarding us, and they'll have their 
>shields down. Lt. Murray, fire one slow torpedo. When it gets within 
>>a few hundred metres, detonate it."

>Murray punched away at the controls, "Let's just hope this works."

Murray armed the Dilithium Resonator Torpedo, "Firing torpedo." 

On the viewer, all could see the cylindrical black object moving 
rather slowly towards the huge Kzinti craft.  It flew for a short 
moment before it activated, the torpedo began to glow and the tractor 
beam holding the FRONTIER was abruptly cut off.  Before Caroline 
could give the order Ishara moved the ship away from the Kzintis, as
they turned Angus watched as one of the interceptors was wrecked by 
internal explosions, another seemed to be suffering power problems as 
the external lighting flickered on and off.  

Ishara turned to Caroline, "I can evade them for a while but without  
full impulse power we won't last much longer."


Ramsay finalised his repairs to the Master Control Panel and began 
work trying to bring power back to the primary systems.  He managed to
isolate a defect in the power conduit to the impulse engines, he 
immediately set about trying to rectify the problem.

He turned to see Dr. Sykes coming out of the J-tube, the doctor began 
by treating the more serious phaser-burn victims.  After a few minutes
Keanu joined him at the table and, trying to ignore the pain in his 
arm, began to help Ramsay.  

Keanu noticed that the ship had began to move, "We're out of their
tractor beam," he said "But we'll have to get these fixed soon or
it'll be a short celebration."  They both redoubled their efforts to
try and speed up the repairs.  


Ishara concentrated hard as she piloted the ship away from the huge 
vessel, the ship was not yet pursuing but she knew that before long 
it would recover from it's paralysis.  After a short moment the 
impulse engines powered up to full, "They've done it!" she cried.
Angus tried again to raise the shields, he didn't understand why they
would not go up.  The console declared that they were on standby but
they were not responding to his commands.
Caroline shouted loud over the hussle on the crowded bridge, "Ishara, 
full impulse out of here, Mr Murray, prepare a counter-attack on the 
Kzinti still on board, send someone through the J-tube to notify 

Angus hefted his phaser rifle and stepped into the turbolift with a 
hand selected group of others.  "Computer deck 2." he said, and he 
began to brief the others, "Okay people, standard procedure deployment
pattern, left-right flank counter-attack positions with overlay fire 
support."  He watched his textbook orders sail over the heads of the  
blank faced crew, and realised that none of these people were members
of his security team and thus lacked knowledge of even basic security 
tactics.  "Simony, take three people and watch behind us," the big man
nodded "the rest of you come with me and do what I do."  He opened the
lift door and blasted a Kzinti who was watching the door, he crept 
slowly round the corner until he reached the long corridor.  he 
immediately had to duck as a hail of phaser beams came towards him, 
he rolled and fired dropping one of the enemies in the corridor while
the others in his team turned the corner and let fly with their own 
phasers.  Slowly but surely the invading force was pushed back as 
Angus' team gained more ground.  He heard the turbolift door open and 
turned in time to see Ramsay, Leana and the other four security 
officers rounding the corner with phasers ablaze, with this extra help
the remaining Kzinti on deck two were swiftly overcome with the 
exception of some who were holed up in 2-Backward.  

Angus was walking along the corridor to meet Simony and Leana when 
suddenly a burly Kzinti ran out of a door between him and the other 
two.  It pointed its phaser at Simony, Angus took a tentative step 
forward, the Kzinti spun and pointed the phaser at him.  Angus looked
at his comrades and made a vague gesture, the Kzinti turned to Leana,
and then again to Angus, panic was evident on its face.  At that 
moment the three acted in perfect unison, Leana dived and rolled into 
the back of its legs, knocking it off balance, almost simultaneously 
Angus clenched his fists together and swung both at the Kzinti's head
hitting its jaw and causing it to spin painfuly in mid-fall.  Before 
it had even hit the ground Simony fell upon it like Death's angel 
hammering with his fists, breaking bones with each punch.

Angus dusted off his jumpsuit and picked up his phaser rifle again 
deliberatly ignoring the broken form on the floor.  He turned to 
Simony, "One of these days my friend, we must have a *long* talk."

As Angus made his way to 2-Backward he heard a crackling noise, 
followed by a long hissing and then with a loud beep, Keanu's
voice came over the comm, "Guess what? comm system is back on-line and
as for the beasties in 2-Backward they have been... taken care of, they
seem to get tired when exposed to broad band alpha waves."  

Angus smiled but he knew that they weren't out of the soup until their
warp power was restored.

Respectfuly submitted
        Allan MacLennan
        [Lt.] Angus Murray

"Put your faith in God, But keep your powder dry."
        Oliver Cromwell.

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