Subject: FRONTIER: Being boarded

SD 70720

>Ramsay bellowed over the comm, "All hands stand by to repel 
>boarders! Repeat all hands! We are being boarded!"

Angus pulled a phaser rifle from under his console and distributed 
hand phasers to the rest of the officers.  Keanu looked at Angus' 
phaser rifle and shook his head.  Keanu looked at the darkened
engineering console. "We have to get to engineering - the comm
lines are down. I don't have any control."

Ramsay turned to Houston "LtCmdr. Houston you have the bridge.
K'Ich Pa, you stay here and help her."

They all moved into the turbolift "Deck 2." Ramsay said "Set your 
phasers to kill." The turbolift door opened, Angus and Ishara got out.
Keanu and Ramsay continued to deck 3, Engineering.

Deck 2

As the turbolift doors opened Angus immediately surveyed the chaos, 
Kzinti were running around the corridor, people were scrambling in 
and out of their quarters.  One of the Kzinti pointed its weapon at 
the two emerging from the lift but Angus was too fast and the creature
fell to the floor with a smoking hole in its chest.  Ishara went down
the left corridor while Angus took the right, he rounded the corner 
and saw Patrick Simony running at full speed to the far corner.  As 
he reached it, a Kzinti rounded the corner.  Being caught between the
wall of a spacecraft and twenty-one stone of rapidly moving muscle is 
a very unpleasant experience, the Kzinti's ribcage shattered and a 
muffled dying gurgle escaped its ruined lungs.

Angus felt like vomiting but he was forced to restrain himself as a 
new group of transporter beams appeared, Angus fired at each of the 
beams as they fully materialised.  Angus felt guilty about shooting 
the Kzinti while the were helpless but he knew that it was either him
or them and morality was something he could not afford.  However he 
was soon finding that he was being overwhelmed.

"Retreat to the turbolift, everyone to the bridge!"

All the crew members ran to the turbolift in between the phaser blasts
and transport beams.  Ishara was joined by Caroline in holding the 
left corridor against the Kzinti while Patrick helped Angus hold off 
the Kzinti in the right passage.

Deck 3

Keanu and Ramsay stepped out of the turbolift into a hail of phaser 
fire.  On the right was DeLias and some other security officers and on
the left the Kzinti boarding party.  Keanu and Ramsay took cover just
outside the turbolift doors.  More Kzinti arrived to backup the 
others, Keanu fired and a Kzinti fell with a smoking hole in its 
head. DeLias and the others moved slowly forward, gaining more and 
more ground. They moved up level with Ramsay and Keanu. "DeLias, you 
and Keanu hold them here, the rest of you come with me." Ramsay and 
the other two security officers disapeared around the corner to 

DeLias and Keanu Killed most of the Kzinti, but they were badly 
outnumbered; they started to pull back to Engineering.

"Watch out!" But it was to late, DeLias was hit in the chest by a 
phaser beam. "!!!!!" DeLias fell to the floor unconcious. Keanu set 
his phaser to overload and flung it down the corridor towards the 
Kzinti, he picked up her phaser and put it in his belt. He lifted her
over his shoulder and ran down the corridor, he heard the overloading 
phaser explode, he hit the deck hard, a sharp pain shot throught his 
left arm.

Delias started to come around. "Owww, what happened?"

"You were shot by a Kzinti." he said with a whimper of pain "I think  
I've broken my arm, I can't move it." DeLias helped him to his feet.
Keanu looked back the corridor, *the fire supression systems are not 
working* he thought to himself. "Come on, lets get to engineering."

As they passed through the bulkhead into engineering they saw more 
transporter beams beams appear behind them.

Keanu pressed the emergency bulkhead button, the bulkhead closed 
behind them, sealing the compartment from the Kzinti.

Keanu hit his communicator. "Maren to Murray, we got some trouble 

                       Respectfully submitted:

                           Allan MacLennan
                 [Lt.] Angus Murray, Tac/CSO FRONTIER

                             Dale Forster
                  [Lt.] Keanu Maren, CSciO FRONTIER

          "Put your faith in God, but keep your powder dry."
                           Oliver Cromwell


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