Subject: FRONTIER: Battle of Wolf 359

SD 70718

>Ramsay looked at the five small shapes in the viewscreen, "Okay," he 
>said, "we're ready, come and get us."

The ships drew closer and formed into attack formation, they were 
small craft only slightly larger than a runabout.  

Houston turned to face the captain, "Sir, they will be in weapons 
range in fifty two point two-one seconds."

Angus looked at the comm panel on his console, "Captain, we are being 
hailed by the lead ship, audio only."

"On speakers."

A gravelly voice came over the bridges speakers, "Lower you shields and
disarm your weapons, resistance is futile."

Ramsay stared grimly at the viewer, "Mr Murray, target their lead ship
and fire when you have range."

There was silence on the bridge for a moment... Suddenly white bursts 
of energy erupted from the phaser domes and stabbed toward the closest
ship.  The ship's shields flared for a moment before giving up and 
collapsing, then the ship resisted the fire for a few nanoseconds 
and exploded spectacularly hurling debris in all directions.  

Houston turned to the captain, "I am picking up readings of another 
ship on the sensors.  It is much larger and is heading this way at 
high warp speed."

Ramsay watched as Ishara calmly initiated various evasive patterns, he
drew the strength from the android and the Vulcan as they executed 
their duties without sign of nerves or worry.
Angus locked the target on his console onto another of the Kzinti 
vessels and fired the tractor beam weapon.  A lance of turquoise 
energy snatched at the ship and held it in an iron grip.  The ship 
hung motionless on the viewer and slowly began to warp and buckle as 
the tremendous shear forces tried to rip the small craft in two, it 
succeeded.  The fragments of the ship exploded as dead crew drifted 
among the wreckage.

Angus shouted to the captain, "The shields have failed!  Something has
a transporter lock on us!"

Ishara continued to pilot the Frontier among the depleted force of 
interceptors before the helm console exploded and she was thrown to 
the floor and stunned.  With no pilot the ship flew too close to one 
of the enemies and clipped their shields sending the Frontier spinning
out of control.  When the inertial dampeners brought the ship to rest 
the main viewer was occupied by a mammoth craft, a tractor beam was 
locked on preventing escape.

Ramsay bellowed over the comm, "All hands stand by to repel boarders! 
Repeat all hands! We are being boarded!"

Respectfuly submitted 
        Allan MacLennan
        [Lt.] Angus Murray

"Put your faith in God, but keep your powder dry."
        Oliver Cromwell

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