Subject: FRONTIER: Alpha shift

SD 70716 - 0000h

The members of Alpha shift took their positions on the bridge and the 
Gamma shift retired either to their quarters or gathered in 2-Backward
for a drink.  After about two hours the ship drew near to the Kzinti 
border, they had been warned by Starfleet Intelligence that the border
was studded with listening posts.  

Ramsay activated his wrist comm, "Elliot, I want you to power down all
non-essential systems we need to minimise our power signature to pass
the listning posts."

[Yes Captain, powering down secondary systems.]

The lights in the bridge dimmed and on the control panels many of the 
lights went out as the systems were put off-line.  The only sound to 
be heard was the gentle thrum of the warp engines as the ship cruised 
along at a slow warp.

Suddenly the bridge was illuminated to near incandescence as the 
lights went up to full, the phaser batteries charged up to maximum and
all dormant systems activated in a cresendo of bleeps and whirs.

Ramsay franticly hit his wrist-comm, "Engineering! What the hell is 
going on?!"

Elliot's voice came urgently over the comm, [I can't understand it 
sir, there must be a malfunction in the power distribution sub system 
I'll try and sort it quickly.]

Houston turned to face the captain, "Captain, with the power level of 
this ship it is reasonable to assume that any listning station within 
five point three-seven light years will have detected us."

[I think I have the problem Captain but you will need to redisdribute 
the power from the bridge, the main terminal down here has fused and I
can't do anything until it's fixed.]

On the bridge Keanu ran to the engineering console and began to type 
away at the power net controls, "I think I can shut down all the 
errant systems from here, it won't take long."

K'Ich Pa shouted over the noise, "Captain, I strongly advise that we 
leave this area now at full speed, the Kzinti may have ships pursuing
us in moments."

"Ishara! Make it so!"

Ishara calmly punched in the course, "Maximum warp on current 

In the main viewer stars elongated and flashed past the ship for a 
brief moment before a violent explosion rocked the ship and it dropped
out of warp.

[Sir the warp engines are off-line I think they must have blown after 
the distribution net malfunctioned.] 

Angus' fingers flew across his console as he set weapon systems on 
standby, "Sir this is very bad, I'm picking up multiple signals on the
long range sensors, they're closing fast."

Ramsay barked out his orders, "Raise shields, arm phasers, load all 
torpedo bays.  Ishara, prepare to initiate evasive maneouvres, 
randomise patterns alpha-one through omega." A chorus of 
aknowlegements rose through the bridge and Ramsay turned to his 
tactical advisor, "K'Ich Pa, what can you tell me about the Kzinti's 

"It is most likely to be light interceptors that we are sensing." she 
replied, "They are fast and maneouvreable but poorly armed and 
shielded, they will probably only try to detain us until their attack 
craft can get here, if they succeed we could be in a lot of trouble."

"Angus, give me a weapons analysis."

"Well Captain, the Q.P.D. is inoperable, it's burned out all the way 
through.  The Dilithium resonator bolt-torpedoes are ready to be 
loaded, the tractor beams are on standby and the phasers are all 
revved up and ready to go."

Ramsay looked at the five small shapes in the viewscreen, "Okay," he 
said, "we're ready, come and get us."

Respectfuly submitted

        Allan MacLennan
        [Lt.] Angus Murray

"Put your faith in God, but keep your powder dry."
        Oliver Cromwell

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