Subject: FRONTIER: Can't sleep?

SD 70710

Will Ramsay was keen to get some sleep after the ordeal he had just 
been through. His attempts though, were short-lived.

It was worse than the Regent. The walls in this place were paper thin.
Nobody had thought soundproofing would be important on a warship. But 
then designers hardly ever travel on the ships they compose on the 
drafting board, so they never find out just how bad it is. At the 
moment he counted two couples feeling the earth move for them. He 
didn't feel entirely comfortable with the idea of bursting in and 
yelling at them to shut up, so he tried to find something that would 
alleviate the problem. No... putting a pillow over his head didn't 
work. Fast running out of ideas, he decided perhaps it wasn't such 
good timing for a sleep period after all.

Remembering that he had intended to help Engineering with the 
Holodeck, whether he was the captain or not, he put his uniform back 
on and left his quarters with an assortment of tools he would need.

The Holodeck was just down the corridor, he guessed not far away 
enough from the noisy crew. He made a mental note to send out a 
general warning about the unacceptable noise levels.

Will delicately opened the access panel and set to work analysing the 
problem. He was surprised that there wasn't even a tech working on 
this. Kneeling down in front of the holodeck circuitry, he recalled he
had been fixing a holodeck just a week ago. Only that had been on the 
Regent, and it wasn't the door this time.

He triggered the door mechanism; they slid open smoothly. Looking 
inside he noted the standard glowing yellow grid. Now he activated the
test signal and watched as a garbled and jumbled image filled the 
room. According to the computer this should be a dark grassy forest. 
Nope, nothing like it. He ran a diagnostic but nothing. Apparently the
diagnostics processor was out. He made that his first priority, 
replacing the faulty component with a standard unit from his 
components pouch.

It slid smoothly into place and he started to get reliable 
information at last. The scan showed seventeen faulty parts, at 
various locations. He shut down the test signal and started to pull 
the boards.

His conclusion was shoddy workmanship. The Holodeck had been installed
far too fast and with no testing. He cursed the incompetent fool who  
had botched up what should be a perfectly simple job. It would take
half an hour to get the components he needed replicated, but other 
than that, he didn't see this repair taking more than two hours.
He'd wager big money that nobody was going to be at it that long.

Two hours later (1240h)

Will was still shaking his head with amazement. There was just one 
room producing the sounds of nature, but they had been at it fully 
two superhuman hours now, non-stop.

It was the four hours to the end of Beta shift now, and he hadn't 
had a moment's rest. And according to a page from Lt. Murray, the 
first poker game was scheduled for 1800. He'd informed Murray that the
holodeck would be ready by then. Afterwards he informed Houston of the
time and place. His wife had also expressed an interest in the game,  
so she was also due to arrive, albeit a little late.

At least the holodeck worked... he suddenly wondered if the holodeck 
could provide a quiet environment.

"Computer, give me a forested setting, with a grassy clearing 
somewhere. Important parameter: very little sound. Say about sunset."

After a few seconds, the computer returned, *Program complete. Enter 
when ready*

"Thank-you," replied Ramsay as he entered, not quite remembering that 
his manners were wasted.

He quickly found the clearing, lay down, and was asleep within 
minutes. The computer patiently counted down the minutes until the
alarm was due to sound.

Four hours later (1640h)

Abruptly Will was woken by a continuous blaring noise. Completely out 
of place in the peaceful setting, but effective. He brushed himself 
off and stood up.

"Computer, end program." He felt refreshed by his short sleep, ready 
for a poker game at least.

He left momentarily to check there were no other programs running, 
then started up the setting he would need for a poker game.

"Let's see, a modest-sized room, lit from above, with a circular 
felt-topped table in the centre. Say, eight chairs."

*Program complete. Enter when ready*

Will cursed and headed back to his quarters for the chips and decks 
he'd manufactured earlier. Houston met him in the corridor, with 
something that seemed reminiscent of a sun visor.

"Ah, glad you could make it, Commander Houston. I take it you're ready
for the game?"

"Yes, sir. I am quite looking forward to it."

"Go sit down in the holodeck, I'm just going to get the stuff we 

He continued on to his quarters, the doors slid open and he scooped up
the four packs of cards and tray of chips, then left his quarters 
before the doors had closed.

Upon arriving back at the holodeck poker room, he found Houston 
talking with Leana DeLias, the Bajoran security officer. Murray was 
having a quiet discussion with Maren, the details of which he could 
not quite hear. He sat down and waited for the remainder of the 
players to arrive.

                       Respectfully submitted:

                            Sam M. Edwards
                  [Captain] Will Ramsay, CO FRONTIER
               [LtCmdr] Joanna Houston, 2O/OPS FRONTIER

                     "Eat any good books lately?"

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