Subject: FRONTIER: Encounter at 2-Backward

SD 70706

After Keanu had finished his shift he made his way to 2-Backward.
He entered the bar. he looked around to find his friend Angus, but 
decided not to interrupt his conversation with a female security 
officer. He saw Ishara and walked towards her table, "Is this seat 
taken?" he asked her as she looked up from her drink.

"No, please take a seat," said Ishara. "Would you like a drink?"

Keanu sat in the seat across from the female Vulcan and said "Sure 
what are you having?"

"I was tempted to try a Trixian bubble juice - the Lt. over there 
ordered one - but it looks like tribble piss, so I got a Samarian 
Sunset." Ishara pointed towards the glass in front of her.

"Yes that's Lt. Angus Murray, he doesn't like them but that's all he 
drinks he thinks it's an acquired taste. I think I will try somthing 
different like er... Synthale." Ishara left her seat and walked 
towards the replicator and moments later returned with a glass of 
brown liquid. 

"Here's your drink," said Ishara as she handed him the glass.

Keanu picked up the drink out of her hand and downed it.

A few hours later 

Keanu opened his eyes to find himself in his quarters. "Computer what 
time is it?"

[The time is 1300 hours]

Keanu covered his ears with his hands and said "owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww".
He heard his shower operating. Keanu tried to remember what had 
happened, he noticed two uniforms on the floor, one was his. His mind 
was blank. The last thing he remembered was sitting at a table in 
2-backward and Lt. Ishara got him a synthale, what ever he had drunk 
it was not synthale.

Keanu got out of bed with some pain to his head, got on a clean 
uniform and went to find Angus in his quarters...

                       Respectfully submitted:

                             Dale Forster
                  [Lt.] Keanu Maren, CSciO FRONTIER


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