Subject: FRONTIER: Angus goes off duty

SD 70702 - 1000h

Once the situation was under control the shifts changed at last and 
the bridge positions were happily given over to the Beta shift.  Angus
left the tactical console without hesitation when the hulking form of 
Patrick Simony stooped out of the Turbolift.  Before long Angus was 
sitting in 2-backward with a glass of Trixian bubble juice, he frowned
slighty as he swallowed the vile concoction.  As he drained the last 
of the drink he was joined at his table by Leana, the Bajoran security
officer he had seen earlier.  

She sat down beside him, "Mind if I join you?" she asked brightly.

"Not at all, take a seat.  Can I get you a drink?"

"I'll have a Synthale thank you." she replied.

Angus stood up and went to the replicator.  A couple of minutes later 
he returned and gave Leana her drink before sitting back down.

"Sorry I took so long," he said "but the Bubble juice from that 
replicator was too sweet, it actually tasted quite nice so I had to 
adjust the program slightly."

Leana smiled and took a drink from the glass in front of her, "I heard
it was you that caused the excitement earlier."

Angus flushed slightly, "Well, I didn't *cause* it as such, it's just 
that..." he trailed off and stared into his drink.

Leana looked at him sympatheticaly and put her hand on his shoulder, 
"don't worry about it, there was no *serious* damage done and no-one 
was hurt, well, having said that I almost fractured my skull in the 
brig when the shockwave hit us.  But apart from that no-one was hurt."

Angus looked up at her and laughed, "This is yet one more screw-up to 
put in my biography if I ever write it."  At that point he noticed 
that Keanu was now in the lounge, he was sitting across from Ishara 
and seemed to be acting rather unusually.  The two seemed to be 
somewhat drunk, it was highly illogical, he thought, for a Vulcan to 
get drunk.

He turned to Leana again, "I'll see you later, I'm going to get some 
sleep, it's been a long day." with that he drained the rest of his 
drink and made off to his quarters.  He was soon at the door to his 
room and he stepped inside, only he didn't, the door did not open and
he walked headlong into it.  He stood up and stepped towards the door 
again, still the door refused to move.  Angus glared at the door and 
stabbed the access button with more force than was really necessary 
and the door reluctantly sidled open.  Angus looked at the confined 
bunk and he squeezed into the tight compartment.  After a short moment
Angus got back out of the bunk, pulled out the mattress and laid it on
the floor.  He streched out and looked out of the window which took up
most of one wall in the room.  He lifted a book from the floor and 
opened it at his bookmark, he read for a couple of hours and then fell
into a deep sleep.



Angus awoke with a start, rubbed his eyes and sat up.


He turned and looked at the door, "Come." he said.  Angus heard a dull
thud outside the door followed by a groan.  "Computer! Open that door,
NOW!"  The door hesitated and then slowly slid to the side revealing a
rather sheepish-looking Keanu holding his head in his hands and 
whimpering slightly.  "What's up?" Angus asked "you look like 
something the rastipod dragged in."  Keanu lurched into the room and 
sat heavily on a chair, "Angus, did you see me at 2-Backward a few 
hours ago?"

"Yes, I noticed you getting somewhat one-over-the-eight with Ishara.  
What on earth were you drinking? I think I could do with one."

Keanu looked with anguish at his friend, "I don't know *what* happened
but someone is using my shower and her uniform is hung on my floor."

Angus took a seat beside Keanu, "Don't worry about it, you should just
go back to your room and talk with her a while, you might as well get 
to know her, it could be a long mission.  There's a poker game if your
interested at 1800 hours.  Kindly leave my room I am dog tired and I 
need more sleep or I will become very violent."

Keanu took the subtle hint and left the room.  Angus lay on his bed 
and dropped off in seconds. 


At around 1600 hours he awoke again, he had a shower and put on 
a clean uniform.  He met Leana in the corridor on the way to 
2-Backward and they took a table near the window.  Angus checked his 
chronometer, he asked Leana "Can I get you some dinner?  it seems 
about time."

Leana smiled, "Yes please, I'll have an Augergine stew."  Angus turned
to the replicator and after a moment he returned with two plates, he 
placed one in front of Leana and than sat down himself with the other.
Leana looked out of the window, "The view's quite nice from here." she

Angus swallowed a mouthful of lasagne, "It looks like someone smashed 
their windscreen and didn't bother to sweep up."  He turned to the 
window, "It does look rather nice though."

Respectfuly submitted 
        Allan MacLennan
        [Lt.] Angus Murray

"Put your faith in God, But keep your powder dry."
        Oliver Cromwell

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