Subject: FRONTIER: The initiation phase

SD 70628

>Ramsay nodded in acknowledgement and then looked around the table, 
>most of the assembled officers had been quiet so far.  "Any more 
>questions?" he asked.

"When should we begin the crew evaluations?" asked Caroline.

K'Ich Pa looked at the first officer, "We can begin as soon as the 
briefing is over."

"Sir, while we are testing the weapon systems, might it not also be 
logical to determine our impulse speed maneuverability?" suggested 

"Before that, we might want to see how well the ship holds together at
high warp. Even a few seconds of Warp 9 is bound to affect how soon 
we'll arrive at our destination." added the captain. "Lt. Maren, I'd 
like you to take a good look at the ship's sensors. Dr. Sykes... I'm 
sure there's something in sickbay that will be of interest." He paused
before adding, "Now, everyone knows what their job is, get to it."

Slowly the officers left. Will was quick to take the two budding poker
players to one side.

"So, when shall we meet for that game?" he asked.

Angus thought for a moment before replying, "Shouldn't we recruit more
players into our ring first?"

"Yes, ask around you two. We should be able to fit in a few games here
and there before we reach Kizinti space. I'll see if I can help 
Engineering with that holodeck." said the captain. "Houston, could you
find the necessary replicator patterns we'll need for the chips and 
the cards. If there's nothing else...?"

"No sir." they replied.

"Good. Keep in touch." he said, then left the conference room.


Will Ramsay waited until the Chief Engineer reported in from 
Engineering, then announced, "Yellow alert. Attention all hands - 
prepare for maximum acceleration. This is a warp-speed test."

"Captain, all stations show readiness for warp-speed test." reported 

"Very well. Increase speed, Lt. Ishara."

"Aye sir. Increasing speed now." Her fingers flew over the console, 
activating the acceleration sequence.

The points on the starfield elongated further. Will monitored the 
velocity on his armrest panel.

[Warp 8, sir] reported Elliot from Engineering. [Everything looks fine
at the moment, Captain]

Warp 9... 9.1... 9.2... 9.3... 9.4... Ramsay couldn't believe he 
wasn't getting reports of reactor stress yet.

[Captain, looking at the specs now... we're capable of a lot more than
this. Our maximum sustainable speed is estimated at Warp 9.986, and we
can maintain that for 10 hours. The testing stopped there.] added 

"Very well, let's take it up to that speed and hold it for a minute or

9.96... 9.97... 9.98... This was possibly the fastest ship Will Ramsay
would ever serve on.

"Now at maximum sustainable speed, Captain." reported Ishara.

[There's a slight strain now, sir. Should be nothing as long as you're
not planning to keep this up any more than the minute.] Elliot sounded
a little concerned.

"No, let's not push our luck. Take us back to Warp 4, Lieutenant. 
Stand down Yellow Alert."

He watched the starfield return to the low cruising speed. "That 
wasn't bad." he commented. "We'll certainly have the capacity to run."

A few hours later

Ishara turned to Ramsay, "Captain, we are currently approaching an
uninhabited system composed of multiple asteroid belts."

Keanu, who was nearing the end of his sensors check, was already
turning the long-range sensors on the asteroids. He studied the
readings carefully, then reported, "According to these readings, this
would be an excellent weapons testing zone. The asteroids are mainly
composed of dense igneous materials. We should be able to obtain
accurate energy-to-destruct ratios for the phasers."

"Lay in a new course for the system. Drop us out of warp at a safe 
distance from the outer belt." ordered Ramsay.

"Yes, sir." acknowledged Ishara as her fingers danced lightly across 
the navigation console. On screen, the stars shifted slightly as the 
ship's heading changed.

A minute or so later, Ishara brought the ship out of warp. Ahead the 
bridge crew could clearly see a huge collection of assorted asteroids.

"Move us slowly to weapons range and raise shields."

Angus complied and soon the shields were at 25% and a deep hum 
indicated that the weapon systems were powered up.  "Phasers armed and
ready Captain."

Ramsay grinned, "You may... indulge yourself Mr. Murray."

Angus flexed his fingers with a crack, "Aye aye Cap'n."  A mid-sized 
asteroid dissapeared in an incandescent flash accompanied by a loud 
<Bwadam!Bwadam!Bwadam!> The shields crackled green as minute fragments
of asteroid collided with them.  Angus cackled with glee as more of 
the asteroids were engulfed in the fiery convocation outside the ship.
Bright pulses of energy burst in all directions as the enthusiastic 
Tactical officer activated the 360 multiple targeting system.

Once the onslaught had died down Ramsay settled back in his seat, 
"That was... impressive Lt."

Angus looked down at the console and began to type in the initiation 
codes for one of the exotic weapons.  He averted his eyes and looked 
at the main viewer, his finger hovered over the activation button.
"Get ready people," he said "this should be a blast.  Firing."  He 
pressed the button and there was a rising whine as power was siphoned 
to the weapon.  the whole ship rocked as a huge asteroid was immolated
in an eruption of plasma fire, a second later, the shockwave hit, the
ship lurched and bucked under the impact and Angus was flung against 
the turbolift door.  All the other bridge personnel were similarly 
*vacated* from their positions.

Ramsay looked over to his seat - he had travelled a good few yards in 
the incident - and crawled over to it. Seating himself correctly, he 
asked bravely, "Damage report?" 


Elliot seperated herself from the master display panel groped on the 
floor for her wrist-comm, she ran an immediate system check and 
activated her comm, "Captain, warp power is off line and some small
auxilliary systems are burnt out, I'll have warp power back as soon as
possible.  Wake up the Beta shift, I'm gonna need some help."


"What the hell *was* that?" asked the first officer as she walked out 
of the turbolift. She stepped delicately over Angus' prone form.

Angus peeled himself off the floor and rubbed his head, "Ow." he made 
his way to his console, "Well sir, that *was* the Quantum Plasma 
Diffuser.  It burned itself out."

"It might be a nice idea to leave, Lt. Murray's toy appears to have 
caused a knock-on effect in the belt and a lot of *big* asteroids are 
coming this way." 

                       Respectfully submitted:

                           Allan MacLennan
                 [Lt.] Angus Murray, Tac/CSO FRONTIER

                             Dale Forster
                  [Lt.] Keanu Maren, CSciO FRONTIER

                            Sam M. Edwards
                  [Captain] Will Ramsay, CO FRONTIER
                 [Cmdr] Caroline Ramsay, XO FRONTIER
               [LtCmdr] Joanna Houston, 2O/OPS FRONTIER

          "Put your faith in God, but keep your powder dry."
                           Oliver Cromwell

                     "Eat any good books lately?"


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