Subject: Angus' tour of the FRONTIER

SD 70623

Angus left Ramsay's claustrophobic ready-room and began to have a look
around the ship he would be serving on.  He recognised the ship as a 
Thunderbolt class escort vessel, albeit heavily modified and as he 
stood behind the tactical console that would be his post he felt 
rather excited about manning the weaponary of a ship able to outgun 
craft many times it's size.  It was with a degree of reluctance that 
he entered the turbolift and made his way back to the hangar.

Viewed from the outside, the ship looked far larger, being how most 
of the interior was filled with the hidiously oversized warp engines. 
From the side of the ship two huge Phasers stared lifelessly at the
hanger wall.  He watched as various crew members embarked and
disembarked from the ship, In particular he noticed an attractive
Bajoran whom he knew to be Leana DeLias, one of his security team.
He considered for a moment why he had been selected as tactical chief
and why nobody on the ship was above the rank of Lt(jg).  Suddenly 
from behind a heavy hand descended onto his shoulder, he turned round
and looked directly at the chin of the man facing him, 

"Hello" said the chin, "you must be Lt. Murray." a hand was extended 
in greeting.  Angus shook the hand,

"And who might you be?" he asked

"Lt. Patrick Simony sir."

Angus was momentarily confused at being addressed as "sir" but then he
noticed that the tall man in front of him wore only two pips on his 
uniform.  Angus looked up and saw how incredibly tall the man was, 
Angus had no problems with this but he had already sampled the 
accomodation and found that the bunk was a little tight.

"Lt. Simony, I think you'll have to sleep in the torpedo tube."  The 
tall man laughed, slapped Angus' back and then turned to board the 
ship.  Angus smiled and made his own way to the boarding ramp.

Respectfully submitted
        Allan Maclennan
        [Lt.] Angus Murray, Tac/CSO FRONTIER

We're all going on a, summer holiday

"Put your faith in God, but keep your powder dry."
        Oliver Cromwell

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