Subject: FRONTIER: Ready Room

SD 70622
Ramsay sighed as counselor left and went over the main events of the  
day. Shortly after he'd left Angus Murray and Keanu Maren to their own  
devices, they'd visited him here in rapid succession for a more lengthy  
talk. He was intrigued by the Trill, whose symbiont was quite young,  
this was the second host it had joined with. He sensed duality there -  
the symbiont had clearly been an engineer in the previous host, the new  
host was more of a scientist. 
Murray had already made a good impression, although perhaps it was  
spoiled a little when he expressed his disdain for Ramsay's favourite  
drink. Will had leaned over to the replicator (he was beginning to feel  
rather confined in here, for some reason) and ordered a strong coffee.  
Nothing alcoholic, you understand. And Angus had exclaimed, "How can you  
drink that?" He hadn't answered, it was just one of his Security Chief's  
prejudices, that was all. 
They had talked a bit about Geordi. Murray wasn't especially glad to be  
leaving friends behind, but serving on a ship with the brother of his  
friend seemed to make up for it, especially considering their  
likenesses. Will wanted to know generally how Geordi was getting on, the  
fact being that he'd missed several inches of his younger brother. But  
that was the price to be paid for a Starfleet career. He was beginning  
to wonder more and more how he was going to cope when his first son was  
"Come." he said almost automatically. Absorbedly he continued to study  
up on the Kzinti. 
"Ahem." coughed Caroline. Will looked up immediately and a smile reached  
his lips. 
"Caroline." he gestured to a chair and she sat down opposite him.  
"What's on your mind?" 
"Well, actually... we're both off duty in ten minutes. I was thinking  
about going back to our quarters and having dinner there. And after  
that..." She left the sentence open-ended, an invitation. 
His smile grew further. "That would be a very good idea." He leaned  
across the desk intuitively, Caroline did the same. Just as his lips met  
hers, the comm panel sounded. 
[Captain, flight control officer is now enroute to the Frontier. An  
unexpected incident caused her to be detained] reported Houston. 
"That's a relief. We should be launching on schedule then." replied  
[I believe so, sir. Houston out] 
The moment a little disturbed, he chose not to continue what he had been  
about to start, but pointed to the door and said, "I'll follow you in  
five minutes." When she gave him a puzzled frown, he added, "I know  
we're married, but if we walk off the bridge holding hands it just  
doesn't look right." 
Caroline paused for a moment to visualise what he was saying, then  
laughed and nodded her agreement. She composed herself and left the  
ready room, heading for the turbolift. 
Will exited nonchalantly five minutes ten seconds later, also headed for  
the turbolift. Houston noted that although the shifts were only just  
beginning to be enforced, it was now Gamma shift and time for her watch  
on the bridge. She left the Ops console and sat in the central chair, a  
backup arriving to take her vacated place almost seconds later. It did  
not bother her that she was now on her third shift since arriving; her  
sleep requirements were essentially zero and she did not require  
off-duty time although she was entitled to it. 
She had immediately familiarised herself with the design specifications  
of the ship upon her arrival. Those were modified from the original  
Thunderbolt specification but essentially the same with the addition of  
a holodeck and shuttle bay. There had barely been room for them, indeed  
some space from other areas had been taken. However, it would prove to  
be a wise move in light of the potential length of this mission. Humans  
would give in very easily to the tension if suitable recreation were not  
Joanna made a mental note to attempt to organise the duty rosters so she  
and Festore could spend more off-duty time together; they had barely  
seen each other since boarding the Frontier. She valued their  
relationship, it being the first one to invlove sex since her  
activation. She recalled the difficulties she had experienced with her  
moral program, which was eventually traced to an excessive  
narrowing-down of potential partners. Counselor Smith had been of great  
help in determining which rules were essential and which were not.  
Against his caution she had proceeded to Ten-Forward with the 'relaxed'  
rule set engaged. Neil Festore, her second-in-command in Engineering,  
had walked into the establishment just minutes later, and her moral  
program had determined that out of all the persons currently in  
Ten-Forward, he was a suitable partner. Still a narrow choice, but  
better to be sleeping with one person than none or many. Joanna had  
spent years studying the various human communications skills, and one  
area which she had mysteriously excelled in was that of seduction. Neil  
stood no chance against her charms, and the rest was history. 
Joanna flicked a strand of her red hair away from her face; that entire  
recollection had taken mere microseconds. 
Respectfully Submitted, 
[Captain] William Ramsay, CO FRONTIER 
[Cmdr] Caroline Ramsay, XO FRONTIER 
[LtCmdr] Joanna Houston, 2O/OPS FRONTIER 
Sam M. Edwards 

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