Subject: FRONTIER: The crew arrive

SD 70612.1100

Caroline piloted the small shuttle over to the Frontier, Will seated in
the co-pliot's seat, their belongings stowed in the back. They hadn't
brought much, some was still on their ships, but a minifreighter was
being sent to collect what was left and bring it to Epsilon for loading.

She anticipated she would have to do more shuttle trips until the FCO
arrived. Not an exciting prospect, but there were few crew and a number
of them were already here.

It was still hard to take in, suddenly being appointed XO of a ship at
such an early point in her career. But it was the endless complexities
of the mission description that bothered her. Their uniforms weren't
even going to be the same - all dark blue jumpsuits with rank insignia
across the chest rather than the collar. The comm badges were gone,
replaced with wrist-bound communicators.

To complicate things further, they had been given an alternate rank,
designated by square silver pips. She had five, her husband six. That
equalled a Commander and Captain respectively. When dealing with other
Starfleet officers, things became tricky, but generally they would just
politely use 'sir' and everything would be fine.

They put down on the shuttle bay, somewhat rougher than she would have
liked, but safely. Will got out of his seat to facilitate the unloading
of their effects, then stepped onto the deck and savoured the scene
around him. It was not a large bay, it couldn't get any larger on a ship
this size, but still fairly big in the height department.

Awkwardly Caroline left her seat and helped him, though it was difficult
for her to lift much. Her pregnancy well into its third month, had
placed a great strain on her back. Now she was almost glad they wouldn't
be expecting her to fill the duties of Security Officer.

Dr.Sykes and Dr.Sampter, who were to be part of a small medical
department, had already arrived on the ship earlier this morning. News
had it that the Ops officer and two members of their Engineering staff
were enroute for Epsilon and would be here today.

Speak of the devil <G>

Approaching D-Warp Shuttle

Houston gazed out of the viewport and caught sight of the ship that was
to be her new home for an indeterminate period of time. The Frontier, a
small but well-equipped ship, had a few lights showing so far,
indicating a low level of activity on board. Workmen outside the ship
were busily removing the registry letters.

Their pilot settled into the Frontier's shuttle bay, opened the doors to
allow them to exit, then left for Epsilon's shuttle bay. Apparently to
confirm their boarding the ship.

Joanna headed out into the corridor with her two colleagues and sought
out the quarters. All were on the same deck, this vessel requiring only
a 40-strong crew at most. Occupant names had already been posted on the
doors. This was where they would part company for about ten minutes to
replace their Starfleet uniforms with the dark blue jumpsuits which
seemed to be the same regardless of department.

Respectfully submitted,

[Captain] Will Ramsay, CO FRONTIER
[Commander] Caroline Ramsay, XO FRONTIER
[Lt.Cmdr] Joanna Houston, OPS/20 FRONTIER

Sam M. Edwards

Frontier Logs