Subject: SB EPSILON: Short Honeymoon

SB Epsilon
honeymoon suite

Will awoke the next morning to the noise of a constant ringing. It was
his comm badge.

*Bloody hell* he thought as he got up to answer it. *I should have
turned it off*.

"Ramsay here." he sounded fatigued and barely awake.

[Lt. Ramsay, report to my office immediately. Oh, and bring your wife as
well. This is important.] said Captain Nicholas.

He sighed AND replied, "Yes, sir."

With curiosity burning in his mind, Ramsay roused Caroline and climbed
into his uniform.

"What is it?" she yawned.

"Something important. Come on." he replied, straightening out the
creases that had come from his rush.

When Will arrived (with a still half-asleep Caroline) he immediately
noticed a very unfamiliar but high-ranking officer seated with Nicholas.

"Sorry to rouse you, especially with it being the first day of your
honeymoon an' all, but we have a special mission for you." said the
mystery officer. He picked up a chip and inserted it into the desk
computer. He motioned for them to view the contents.

Eventually, Ramsay commented, "Interesting. You want to send out a
corvette to investigate a disputed zone of space surrounding Kzinti
space. Because of the sensitive nature of the mission, you can't let it
go out with Starfleet juresdiction. And what is our role to be in this?"

"Lt(jg). Will Ramsay, you are to be the commanding officer of the
Frontier." The admiral stated. He gestured to Caroline and added, "She
will be your first officer. Other members of the crew are being fetched
as we speak." He inserted another chip and the proposed manifest for the
Frontier was displayed.

Ramsay studied the list of officers carefully and replied, "I do not
carry the rank required for such an assignment. Neither do many on that
list. Is it my understanding that we have been selected on some other

"Spot on. Partly, because we can't risk any more high-ranking officers,
and also because of individual talents each in the crew posesses. The
full briefing will be given to you once you are free of the station."

"What if I choose not to accept?" replied Will.

"That's entirely your decision. However, we did not believe you would
turn down such an offer. Am I correct?"

Will mentally applauded the officer's understanding of the situation.
"You are, sir." He looked to Caroline and she was already nodding in
agreement. He had expected an outburst of some kind, but none was

"You'll be waiting perhaps a week for the rest of your team." concluded
the officer. "Until then, I'd like you to settle in on the ship and
prepare for what is likely to be a significant point in your career. Any



Will and Caroline left Nicholas' office and headed to their quarters to
pack. As they passed the viewports they noticed engineers working over a
small ship. He could barely see the dimly-lit name 'Frontier'. He could
also see a number of workmen removing the registry number and various

Respectfully Submitted,
William Ramsay, CO FRONTIER
Caroline Ramsay, XO FRONTIER

Sam M. Edwards

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