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15 January 2003

The FRONTIER thread was written over eighteen months, averaging out at five posts a month. If I learned anything, it was how to cope with a unit that didn't have many active writers. Allan MacLennan and I were the main contributors, with some work by Dale Forster. So I suppose this is something of a trip down memory lane for all three of us.

Please note that some of the posts archived here may not be suitable for younger readers due to some violence and non-explicit sex.

My own character bios aren't listed over on the left, you can find most of them at my home page. Please get in touch if you have any general questions.

The Mission Report
The Ship
The Final Roster
The Logs
Music Off
Angus Murray
Leana DeLias
Patrick Simony
as written by
Allan MacLennan
Keanu Maren
as written by
Dale Forster
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