Name: Angus Murray

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Age: 22

D.O.B: 30th May

Rank: Ensign

Service number: L0-CH NE55

Origins: Black Isle, Scotland, Earth

        Hair: Fair, Straight
        Eyes: Blue-green
        Height: 6`2"
        Weight: 12st
        Build: Medium-light

        Father: Patrick Murray, Starfleet Weapons Research Division 
        Mother: Agnes Murray, Temporal Physicist
        Brother: Luther Murray, CO FBS Nostradamus

        Inverness Royal Academy
        Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth
        Majors: Tactical, Security
        Minors: Flight Control (Certified pilot), 
                Weaponary research & design        
        Others: Engineering 

Languges: Angus speaks fluent Federation Standard (natch), he prides 
        himself on the fact that he can tell almost any of the more 
        common species in the Alpha Quadrant to hold their arms in 
        the air and not make any sudden moves, in their own language.
        He can read/write Cardassian quite well and is currently
        learning Bajoran.  

Intrests: Ancient history (particularly ancient battles) alien 
         technology (particularly spacecraft/weaponary) 

Hobbies: Holodeck recreations of ancient battles, usually taking the 
        side that lost and trying to turn it round.  He has changed 
        the outcome of almost every major conflict in ancient Earth 
        history, the one scenario in which he consistently fails is 
        the Battle of Hastings, the Normans have suceeded in beating 
        him every time.

Status: Currently involved with Leana DeLias, a Bajoran that he met on
        his first assignment.

Children: None.

Beliefs: Fairly unique theological views.  He belives that God is the 
        personification of the good things in people which they 
        created to unite them and give them a common cause.

Likes: Italian food (preferably not replicated) Classical music
        (Wagner,Shubert,Iron Maiden).

Dislikes: Ferengi, Coffee and idealists.

Ambitions: Angus wants to become the head of Starfleet Security, get 
        married and have a son (or two, and maybe a couple of
        daughters as well), and ultimately discover the meaning of
        life.  The order isn't particularly important.

                At an early age Angus promised himself an interesting 
        life and joined Starfleet after deciding that exploring the 
        universe was probably more interesting than accountancy.  
        Angus had always shown a fixation for weaponary and warfare
        and his choice of courses reflects this.  He spends a lot of
        time engaged in viable specialist weapon R&D and a lot of time
        on his own less feasable pet "Megaweapon" projects which are 
        sometimes possible but rarely practical.   
                His father was a great scientist, although of little 
        reknown ("It's a good line of work, but it won't make you a 
        hero, and always remember that weapons are designed to kill, 
        so the less people that know you, the better.").  He would 
        often work from home which gave Young Angus a lot of 
        opportunity to watch him and before long his father started 
        teaching him the basics, and it only escalated from there.  It
        reached a point where Angus would help his father whenever he 
        could and he learned very quickly.  This gave him a 
        considerable head start when he began at the academy.  His
        obvious talent was spotted by reknowned weapons scientist
        Fentin Quake, who took Angus under his wing and mentored him. 
        Angus worked with Quake and his team on a great number of
        important projects with a good degree of success and
        concequently was granted an automatic pass in his R&D course. 
                At the Academy Angus showed much proficiency in 
        unarmed combat skills despite his slight build, he is a lot  
        stronger than he appears to be and has often surprised those 
        who have underestimated him.  However, during phaser practice 
        he showed an uncanny ability to aim too far to the left.  
        Despite his physical prowess his true love (and aptitude) is
        for strategic and tactical operations.

                It is worthy of note that although all available tests
        show that Angus has no pychic or telepathic gift he has an 
        uncanny ability to hide his thoughts and feelings from even 
        the strongest telepaths.  Beyond this however he is capable of
        suggesting to such telepaths what he wants them to think he is
        thinking.  Because of this, any reading from a telepath 
        cannot be trusted to be accurate as an accurate reading can 
        only be obtained with Angus' voluntary cooperation.
Psychological profile:                
                Angus is usually of a cheerful disposition and good 
        temper, he does not seem to be prone to mood swings or
        outbreaks of violence or aggression.  However, he does
        occasionaly slip into bouts of depression and cynicism.  He
        also displays some symptoms of introversion although this has
        been heavily reduced since he started at the Academy due to
        inevitable proximity to other people.  This seems to trace
        back to an incident when he was fourteen which I cannot
        include in this report as he only divulged it to me under the
        strictest confidence.  What I can say is that it involved an
        attack on a Federation outpost by a renegade Ferengi band and
        this has led to an intense dislike of Ferengi.
                (Initial assessment SD.70103)                 

                During his absence Angus seems to have changed
        significantly, he claims that he has found enlightenment and 
        his occasional cynicism has become much more predominant.  
        His respect for authority has declined since his last
        assessment and he is frequently insubordinate.  He displays
        excellent temper management and is able to restrain or unleash
        it in a controlled manner.
                (Re-evaluation SD.81223)

                        Counselor Allanna Morganheim
                                Starfleet Academy

Current Placement: CEO, USS BURKE

Previous Placements: Student, Starfleet Academy
                     Tac/CSO, FRONTIER

        SD.70528: Graduated from Starfleet Academy, 57th of 250.
        SD.70617: Shortly after completing basic training Angus was 
                posted to a top-secret mission into Kizinti space
                aboard the FRONTIER.
        SD.80802: Returns to SB Epsilon.
        SD.80812: Goes AWOL before reassignment.
        SD.81220: Returns to Starbase Alpha.
        SD.81222: Undergoes preliminary disciplinary hearing.
        SD.81223: Released on probation for a period to end SD.90623.
        SD.81224: Awaiting assignment.
        SD.81227: Assigned to GREEN fleet.
        SD.81229: Assigned as CEO, USS BURKE.

        Angus is a good example of what the Academy is trying to 
accomplish.  He has good prospects and although not as flexible as
some of his colleagues, in his primary area he is quite brilliant.  He
has a good degree of initiative, to such a degree that he seems at
times he can be too independant, not the ideal team player. Shows
aptitude but little enthusiasm for close quarter skills but has a
flair for organisation and tactical operations.

                        Isaac St. Georges
                                Starfleet Academy

* * * * * N O T E * * * * *

        From SD.80812 Ensign Angus Murray was declared AWOL and did 
not return for a period of four months.  His official statement 
describes how he was abducted from SB Epsilon and held captive by an 
elusive mercenary group known as the Red Circle.  He was released when
a merchant ship captain, Luther Murray, his brother and one time 
Starfleet officer intervened on his behalf.

        His story is not entirely satisfactory and Luther Murray has 
long been associated (albeit without evidence) with the Red Circle.  
Angus' story has however been approved by Starfleet command and he has
been cleard for duty on a probationary period which is to end no 
sooner than SD.90623.  During this period his commanding officer is 
obligated to file regular reports on Angus' progress and any actions, 
communications or activities which arouse suspicion.

                        Admiral Wolfgang Patresi
                                Starfleet Command