Subject: ALB Conference Room 1

Ensigns Angus Murray and Keanu Maren were reunited for the first time
since commencing ALB training. The circumstances were... a little

Captain T'Pal had shown them into the conference room, then abruptly
left on other business. They wre left with an absent-minded
lieutenant who briefed them with a padd between them and him.

It took a while to sink in. They were being assigned to a dangerous,
top-sccret, non-Starfleet mission. They would not be acting as
representatives of Starfleet, but their training was going to get a
real test.

From what Angus could determine from the officer's rambling, they
were going to be taken to Epsilon to meet up with the ship, and then
leave for Kzinti space. A very dangerous mission indeed.

Finally the lieutenant said, "Of course, you're free to decline this
assignment, but-"

"I'll take it." half-interrupted, half-replied Murray.

Keanu realised the danger he was about to put himself in, but he had
over a hundred years of experience to draw from. He could at least
hope to come through it in one piece, even if it was in an escape

And his friend here wanted to go. So...

"Me too. When do we leave?" he added.

Their lecturer mumbled something about 'jumping at every chnace to
commit suicide' which they couldn't quite hear, and told them,
"There's a D-warp shuttle waiting for you in the shuttle bay. The
pilot will recognise you. He'll take you to Epsilon. Your ship's name
is the Frontier."

And with that, he left them.

"Thank God he's gone. Starfleet has worse taste in lecturers than you
have in drinks, Angus." said Keanu. "Well, shall we get going?"

SB ALPHA Shuttle Bay

As they entered, an officer standing outside a shuttle looked up and
waved them over. "So you're headed out to Epsilon, huh? Seems I'm
schedules to take quite a few people there. I wonder why that could
be? Sorry, none of my business, I know. Hop in and enjoy the ride."

It was certainly different to the shuttle trip from the Academy. The
shuttle kicked into dimensional warp once clear of the station, and
both the Ensigns could see things were moving by awfully fast.

In no time, Angus was relaxing with a Trixian bubble juice, though
Maren couldn't see why he kept drinking it if he didn't like it.

Upon asking that question, Murray's response was, "It's like all new
things. You sometimes have to acquire a taste for it. Though how
anyone lives after their first encounter with Klingon food I'll never
know. You a fan... of Klingon food?"

"Definitely not. I don't like food that bites back."

Epsilon rapidly came into view. They had been travelling a while, but
not incredibly long. As the shuttle docked at the Epsilon bay, Keanu
looked out of the viewport and saw the Frontier. It was lit up,
evidently there were crew aboard already. Strangely there were no
registry markings anywhere on the ship. Just the name.

They were greeted by another officer who led them to the transporter.
They waited while he asked for clearance to beam them on board the

Finally, the word was given, and the surroundings of the busy Epsilon
base disappeared, to be replaced by a blue-jumpsuited figure with
silver square pips, seven of them counted Angus, behind the
transporter console. He moved forward to greet them.

>"Welcome aboard the Frontier, gentlemen. I must say we've been
>waiting some time for you. I'm Captain William Ramsay."
>"Ensign Kenau Maren." replied the Trill.
>"Ensign Angus Murray." was the response of his companion.
>Will tried to suppress a grin as he realised they would be moved into
>a higher alternate rank also, and how confusing that would be. He was
>about to mention that they should really chnage into the standard
>Frontier jumpsuit when Murray asked a rather interesting question of
>"Did you say Ramsay? You have a brother named Geordi?"
>"You know Geordi? From the Academy?" replied Will, his ears not quite
>believing what he was hearing. "Well, you've obviously been in good
>company. Okay, next opportunity you have, get rid of those Starfleet
>uniforms. This is a non-Starfleet operation, as I'm sure you've
>heard, so everything's changing. Quarters are a little small, but
>everythings there. Oh... don't use the Holodeck yet, it's still being
>tested. Report for duty next Alpha shift. Any questions?"

Respectfully submitted,

[Lt] Keanu Maren, CSciO FRONTIER
Dale Forster

[Lt} Angus Murray, Tac/CSO FRONTIER
Allan MacLennan

[Captain] William Ramsay, CO FRONTIER
and various nameless nobodies
Sam M. Edwrads

Those square brackets indicate a non-starfleet alternate rank which
is used purely to keep a healthy rank structure aboard the Frontier,
rather than have Ensigns and Lt(jg)s flying around.

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